Hello Members and Friends,
It has been a very busy month for us since I last wrote you. Jo Ann Sergeant and I travelled over to Kelowna and picked up our 300 copies of Report #18 and we’ve been busy taking orders and putting them in the post since. To date we have sold 105 copies with a further 15 being donated – to the Archives – Legal Deposit, UBC and the Boundary – local libraries and the Riverside Centre at Rock Creek. We have 8 books at Gallery 2. They have requested that we offer them on a consignment basis. It has been our policy not to offer consignment – we will decide at our next regular meeting on June 16th.
We’ve been attending Market on Market each second Saturday since May 15th. Bob McTavish volunteered to set up his canopy this year and it has gone very smoothly. On May 15th we took in over $300.00, on May 29th close to $200.00 but yesterday was a really slow day for sales – only selling two of #18. It was still a valuable day, Bob and I chatted with many people and directed them to resource people and sources that hopefully can help them in their search for information.
Al Donnelly and I went up to Phoenix Cemetery to install our new Upper Phoenix Sign we contracted from Shad Tourcotte at Alpine Signs. Al and I are not experts at installing signs but we got it up and Mel Carroll is kindly putting some more secure bolts on for us. Thanks Mel!! As we were attaching it, we saw a group of bicyclists stop at the lower cemetery. Al stopped to chat with them. They were from Nelson and he received a $20.00 donation from them! Nice work. Tomorrow, Bob McTavish, Dick Jones and perhaps other members from the Boundary Woodworkers will be installing our sign-in kiosk at the Cemetery and placing the two new name plates on the large kiosk. I “cribbed” the sign in sheet details from the Trails Society’s sign-in kiosks. Bob and Dick tried them out a couple of weeks ago and they fit. It will be interesting to see where our visitors come from.

The memorial plaque for Hazel Mary Clayton has arrived. I’ll be making arrangements with her great-cousin for a date to install it. Hazel died of pneumonia at the very young age of 11 months. I had approached Classic Design Studios to find a memorial plaque and Dana did do our two wooden name plaques for the kiosk but luckily I was able to find the exact same plaque as was placed by Andrew Hamilton’s family (before my time as secretary). I haven’t taken the plaque out of its wrapping but here is a picture of it. We are hoping to use these same plaques for graves that are missing their information – where we know who is buried.

On Friday last, Ken Fehr, Mel Carroll and I travelled up to Jewel Lake to complete some more of the tasks in our “job jar” list. What a super, great day. Not only did we get the sign post in with the table top sign but a path around the cabin was hacked out so that visitors can walk around the cabin. Ken discovered an old wood stove lying in the bushes. An artifact we’ll leave there. Mel and I trimmed the grass and a bit of the bushes. And, Ken took down what I think were asbestos plates around the stove hole and placed a
ceiling tile over the hole. I was just bubbling with excitement when we were placing the post for the sign because we saw two men with a metal detector. I guessed that they were surveyors and, yes, they were. The Resort was having the town site surveyed for their purposes. Our two lots of 33 feet in width were fairly easily located and our guesses about our property lines were proved correct. We thought that one of the Resort’s campsites is located on our property and it is. We have no idea what Gladys’ arrangement was with the Resort but it is good to know that we were correct in this surmise. This is a picture of Mel standing by it. I took photos of the markers – they didn’t uncover the one between our two lots. Looking at the cabin, they didn’t uncover the left rear one either but they found the wooden marker – that’s because the owner of the next-door trailer has quite a lot of metal piled there. I was so excited – we’ve been talking about hiring a surveyor and here we received the benefit at no cost to us.
Here is a picture of the perfect braided rug in front of the cabin’s stove. Judith Hamm donated it and it was exactly what we wanted. Think you will all enjoy seeing what has been done with Gladys’ cabin.
Jamie Forbes – author of the Alpine Inn Booklet – contacted us and the revisions are final. He’ll be bringing over a memory stick – maybe next weekend. We’ll have to discuss our printing options.
Bet you’ve been wondering about our Annual Picnic. It should have been this weekend (the weather held true – didn’t it?). We discussed our picnic plans at our May meeting and we hopefully believe that Covid-19 protocols and restriction will allow us to have our picnic in August. I will keep you updated with date and details. We will hold it at the Jewel Lake cabin and it will be a celebration of Gladys Floyd’s life, too.

Historically yours,
Doreen Sorensen