Our 16th Report.

This is what is inside:

1 James Bedford Glanville – a Eulogy Harvey Glanville Glanville NORTH FORK
9 The Forshaw Family Betty (Forshaw) Talarico Forshaw PHOENIX
9 The Forshaw Family Betty (Forshaw) Talarico Forshaw GREENWOOD
15 My Grandpa, Tony Lodder Shawn Hanlon Lodder GRAND FORKS
23 Fish Lake Logging Camp 1944 – 1952 Peter Koftinoff Stoochnoff, Zibin, Kazakoff, Koftinoff etc. FISH LAKE
31 The Boys Who Signed Our $$$$ Al Donnelly Beattie, Coyne
35 A History of the Grand Forks Pentecostal Assembly David Ball GRAND FORKS
41 Dairy Farming and Cheese-Making Up the North Fork Laura Lodder Forrester, Glanville, Rella, Tesolin etc. NORTH FORK
47 Rembering a Phoenix Ski Jumper Greg Nesteroff Nyseter, Engen PHOENIX
55 Merry's Mill Site at Gladstone Trailhead P. Nocente; ed: McDonnell Merry, Popoff McRAE CREEK
61 The Great Gold Brick Robbery CAMP MCKINNEY
69 A Fantastic Trip to Phoenix, BC in 1940 Peter Koftinoff Koftinoff PHOENIX
79 Hollywood Turncoat Ron Verzuh Dmytryk
85 The Coopers of the North Fork Goldie Miller (Cooper) Cooper NORTH FORK
89 Life of a Church Cornerstone Greg Nesteroff GREENWOOD
93 Potato Farming in the Sunshne Valley Laura Lodder Covert, Beran,Tjebbes, Neumetzler etc. GRAND FORKS
105 The Men on the Phoenix Cenotaph Al Donnelly PHOENIX
113 Last Stop for a Restless Count Bielenberg Greg Nesteroff Bielenberg GREENWOOD
117 The Humphrey Family Moves West Irene Humphrey Humphrey GRAND FORKS