Published May 2021

Here’s what is inside:

1 Eholt, the Man & Eholt, the Community Gobeil/Floyde EHOLT
5 Eholt, Lock, Stock and Barrel R.M. Simbrec EHOLT
8 The Preetzmans – Up Kerr Creek Gloria MacLeod KERR CREEK
19 The Myncaster Trestle Al Donnelly MYNCASTER
22 History of the Greenwood BC Post Office Al Donnelly GREENWOOD
27 The Story of John Evans Evans family PHOENIX
35 Life & Times of Adolph (Forepaw) Sercu Al Donnelly PHOENIX
45 Greenwood Movie Theatres GREENWOOD
52 Grand Forks Rocks John Kalmakov GRAND FORKS
64 History of the Holoboff Family I. & N. Perepolkin GRAND FORKS
72 A Tale of Two Families, The Lawlesses and the Tedrows Al Donnelly BRIDESVILLE
78 Mary Cairns Cathcart – War Bride Cathcart family GRAND FORKS
82 Of Success and Tragedy – the Rendell Story GREENWOOD/EHOLT
91 The Story of Abraham& Sarah Galloway Lane Murray GRAND FORKS
98 Cutting Down the Kaiser- A Story of the Canadian Forestry Corp Jenson Edwards ROCK CREEK
101 The Outlaw Amongst Us Al Donnelly GREENWOOD
106 Bill Barlee and Jolly Jack's Lost Gold Mine Douglas Lobay GRAND FORKS
112 The Life of Peter Ivanovich Pereversoff ISKRA GRAND FORKS
116 Francis and Maria Knott Lane Murray PHOENIX
123 Volcanic Brown and the North Fork Valley Doublas Lobay GRAND FORKS
129 Heroes – Then and Now – John Walters Al Donnelly PHOENIX
133 Tradio, Birthday Greeting and Russian News a History of CKGF Radio in the Boundary M. Mallette; R. Linden GRAND FORKS
141 Charlie Bing – the Chinese Cowboy Greg Nesteroff MIDWAY
148 Hens and Herefords – the Len McKinney Story Elaine Clark GRAND FORKS
150 "Cougar Jack" Carson Raven Regan GRAND FORKS
159 Clement Vacher-Missionary, Prospector, etc Addendum GREENWOOD
160 The Assayer's Cup Al Donnelly GREENWOOD
162 Farming in the Blood – The Charltons of Anarchist Mountain Al Donnelly Anarchist Mtn.
168 Phoenix Cemetery Kiosk Doreen Sorensen PHOENIX
170 Our Jewel Lake Cabin Bdy. Historical Society Jewel Lake
v Time Capsule in the Boundary Bdy. Historical Society ROCK CREEK