Since it’s establishment the society has recounted the history of the Boundary in a series of books we call the Reports. These have been written accounts of events and life in the history of the Boundary area. Some by the people who lived that history and others by their descendants and interested parties.

Over the years we’ve created 18 of these Reports. Some are into their third printing. you can find our more information about what is in the reports by selecting one from the Drop-down menu off of the ‘Reports’ item on the main menu above OR in the spreadsheet below the cover pictures.

What is in these reports? Each image above is a button that links to a page about that particular Report – on each of those is a table of contents for that book.
Below is a spreadsheet with the contents from every Report sorted by Report #.

CHRISTINA LAKEHistory of Christina LakeR.F. Sandner11
CASCADEStocker,Sandner,etcCascadeR.F. Sandner16
GRAND FORKSMcConnell,Jones,etcA History of Grand Forks ValleyMarjorie Reynolds19
PHOENIXThe Story of PhoenixF.McDonald,S.Hilliard115
GREENWOODGalloway,Forshaw,etcA Short History of GreenwoodW.E.McArthur120
MIDWAYWhithell,ThometMidway, the BeautifulS.Hilliard,C.Thomet123
KETTLE VALLEYShillcock,Bubar,etcThe Kettle River ValleyVictoria Martin126
BEAVERDELLBubar,Smith,etcBeaverdell and CarmiD.Clapperton133
CARMIBubar,Smith,etcBeaverdell and CarmiD.Clapperton133
ROCK CREEKBeam,Madge,etc A Short History of Rock CreekMilton Orris136
ROCK CREEKStevensonThe Rock Creek RebellionPercy Godenrath137
GRAND FORKSDinsmore,Savage,etcTwo Major Fires in Grand ForksArcher Davis21
CHRISTIAN VALLEYChristianThe early days in Christian ValleyAlice Christian26
DEADWOODEaton,McLaren,etcMother Lode Mine and Deadwood CampMildred Roylance28
BOUNDARY AREAPettijohn,Mader,etcAnnouncement or BH Museum & Phoenix212
ROCK CREEKBennettphoto–Baker Creek enters into Rock Creek213
ROCK CREEKLindsayphoto–Mr. And Mrs. Jim Lindsay23
WESTBRIDGEMacKenzie,Lindsay,etcHistory of WestbridgeMae Lindsay213
GRAND FORKSPettijohn,etcThe Pettijohn Family in Grand ForksPettijohn Family215
GRAND FORKSSpraggettphoto–Mr. And Mrs. E.Spraggett221
GRAND FORKSSpraggettErnest SpraggettErnest Spraggett225
GRAND FORKSJohnston,The First School in the Grand Forks ValleyRobert Johnston241
GRAND FORKSMcInnes,Atwood,etcThe Grand Forks Curling ClubE.S.Reynolds245
GRAND FORKSReid,Euerby,etcThe Boundary Historical Museum246
ROCK CREEKCopeland,Beam,etcMining on Rock CreekMay Lindsay248
GRAND FORKSDewdneyWalter Robert DewdneyKathleen Dewdney253
PHOENIXCampbell,Rumberger,My Sixteen Years in PhoenixC.M.Campbell31
PHOENIXHawthorne,Marshall,My Nine Years in PhoenixLucy Campbell311
REPUBLIC, WAHistory of Republic, WashingtonFerry Co. Hist. Soc.314
BOUNDARY FALLSKerr, Boltz,Folvik,etcThe Town of Boundary FallsW.E.McArthur316
GRAND FORKSPaton,Covert,etcHistorical Sketch of the Presbyerian ChurchMrs. E.S.Reynolds318
GREENWOODDewdneyA Farewell to W.R.DewdneyThe LEDGE323
MIDWAYThometThe Life and Death of a PioneerE.Fritz and S.Hilliard325
BOUNDARY AREADietz,Thornton,etcBrief History of the Mining DistrickR.F.Sandner328
ROCK CREEKLarson, McQuaig,etcEarly Days in Rock Creek-RiversideGladys Bell Burlton330
RIVERSIDELarson, McQuaig,etcEarly Days in Rock Creek-RiversideGladys Bell Burlton330
GRAND FORKSSherbinin,Verigin,etcDoukhobors…in the Boundary 1st partJohn J. Verigin338
ROCK CREEKPittendrigh,Haynes,etcRock Creek–1895Hester E. White343
GRAND FORKSEarly Smelters in the South-Eastern InteriorElsie G. Turnbull41
GREENWOODEarly Smelters in the South-Eastern InteriorElsie G. Turnbull41
BOUNDARY FALLSEarly Smelters in the South-Eastern InteriorElsie G. Turnbull41
GRAND FORKSKerr,Casselman,etcRobert Duncan KerrAlice Kerr MacMillan411
KERR CREEKKerr,Casselman,etcRobert Duncan KerrAlice Kerr MacMillan411
MIDWAYJacksonJohn Robert JacksonJackson Family415
RIVERSIDEMacLeod,Larson,etcRiversideMay Lindsay419
CAMP MCKINNEYMcMynn,McAuleyGold Brick RobberyArthur Cosens423
GRAND FORKSItems of Interest from the Evening SunEvening Sun News426
GRAND FORKSZeboroff,Stoochnoff,etcDoukhobors…in the Boundary 2nd partJohn J. Verigin427
BOUNDARY AREAHotel Licenses in the Boundary in 1903432
GRAND FORKSHodgesMotoring in and around Grand Forks 1905-9Marion Austin433
BOUNDARY AREARailway Development from 1890 onA. McCulloch (1939)437
GRAND FORKSHistorical Sketch..Sacred Heart ChurchIda Scott451
BOUNDARY AREAMcCulloch,etcKV Railway–50 yrs of Passenger Service ends510
BOUNDARY AREAWilson, Simpson,etcFarewell trip on the KV RailroadKathleen Dewdney514
RHONESaunier,FillmoreThe Saunier Family-At Rhone 1909Saunier Family517
BOUNDARY AREAThe First Forty Years–early history of miningJack A. Millican519
BOUNDARY AREAMap–Mining camps of the Boundary areaJack A. Millican524
BOUNDARY AREAJackson,Love,Haggen,etcGrand Forks-Greenwood Constituency’23-’66Lois M. Haggen525
JEWEL LAKEBosshart, Roberts,etcJewell Lake (officially Long Lake)Cecil Clark531
CHRISTINA LAKEWoverton, Hardy,etcMemories of Christina LakeR.F.Sandner533
CASCADEStocker,Sandner,etcHand Bill for “the BALL” 1899537
GRAND FORKSGlanville, Newby,ectthe Glanville StoryWm. Glanville537
NORTH FORKGlanville, Newby,ectthe Glanville StoryWm. Glanville537
EHOLTRendell,Fisher,etcThe Early History of EholtAnna Moore541
KETTLE VALLEYAnderson,etcFrom Seven to Seventeen–1909-1919Anne Margaret Angus543
PHOENIXBamburyThe Mayor of PhoenixMary Eve Thorne552a
CAMP MCKINNEYMcLeanThe McLean FamilyDessie Olson556a
ROCK CREEKRock Creek Capsule, 1958Lois M. Haggen559
GRAND FORKSGreetings to Grand Forks-Greenwood 1897Mildred Roylance561
GREENWOODGreetings to Grand Forks-Greenwood 1897Mildred Roylance561
GRAND FORKSReminiscences of a Country DoctorW. Truax M.D.66
PHOENIXHotter,WhitePhoenix–The Passing of a Ghost TownLois M. Haggen614
GRAND FORKSTempleStory of a PioneerDorothy Gordon Cox614
CASCADEPower from Cascade FallsJim Glanville628
GRAND FORKSWho Wrote This? 1st School Kettle RiverR. Johnston652
ROCK CREEKWho Wrote This? Rock CreekR. Johnston660
GREENWOODHallettGreenwood’s “Judge”HallettMrs. James Hallett662
GREENWOODHallett“Judge”Isaac Hoyt HallettAnna Moore663
ROCK CREEKJohnstonRock Creek and the Hero–Sam JohnstonB.A.McKelvie664
ROCK CREEKJohnstonSam Johnston “Balmoral Castle-Rock Creek”Victoria Martin666
BEAVERDELLHistory of Beaverdell and CarmiBert Donaldson667
CARMIHistory of Beaverdell and CarmiBert Donaldson667
GRAND FORKSSmith,Averill,etcEarly Hospital AccommodationDorothy Smith711
GRAND FORKSRoss,etcTale of Two CitiesA.W.Ross714
ROCK CREEKPittendrigh, Madge,etcItems of History of Rock CreekMargaret Kayes716
ROCK CREEKNicholson,Dietz,etcEarly mining of Rock Creek and VicinityHenry Nicholson J.P.720
CAMP MCKINNEYNicholson,Dietz,etcEarly mining of Rock Creek and VicinityHenry Nicholson J.P.720
GRAND FORKSManlyThe Manly Story co-founders of a City722
GRAND FORKSAverillThe Biography of Dr. A.W.AverillIvy Averill Lindsey725
GRAND FORKSAverillHistory of Goldlen HeightsE.Huff,H.Sutherland731
BOUNDARY AREADewdneyA Tribute to Kathleen Dewdney 1968Svea Hendry733
GREENWOODDewdneyA Tribute to Kathleen Dewdney 1968Svea Hendry733
INGRAM MOUNTAINClark,Weed,Bubar,etcIngram MountainB.Weed737
INGRAM MOUNTAINBubarThe Bubars coming West and in the K.V.Wesley &B.Weed746
KETTLE VALLEYBubarThe Bubars coming West and in the K.V.Wesley &B.Weed746
GRAND FORKSSimpsonWayside InnLeo Mills752
CHRISTINA LAKESandnerThe Sandner Family754
MIDWAYPannellPioneer of Midway, Howard PannellLottie Pannell758
MIDWAYThometThe Thomets759
GREENWOODTakahashi,Takeda,etcJapanese in GreenwoodGeorge Takahashi764
MIDWAYThe Midway Museum OpeningEric D. Sismey81
KETTLE VALLEYHamilton,Bonnett,etcOur Befriended Cat HerbertEdna Bonnett87
NORTH FORKHill, Brown,Evans,etcThe History of the North ForkDoug White88
GREENWOODMcCreathPottery JugPeter Semenoff814
GREENWOODWoodA Brief History of Greenwood815
GRAND FORKSNorris,AllenHistory of the Sawmill in Sunshne ValleyBetty Kohn816
GREENWOODGalloway,Black,etcA Short History of King Edward Lodge #28822
ROCK CREEKThe Three Day WeddingIvy Ellis827
BEAVERDELLBellJohn Thomas BellJ.Alec Bell829
WALLACE MOUNTAINBellJohn Thomas BellJ.Alec Bell829
MIDWAYThometCarl L. Thomet 1905-1978836
GRAND FORKSWestwood,etcA History of Harmony Lodge #37D.A.Massie837
GREENWOODLoweryColonel Lowry, founder of area NewspapersWayne McCory843
PHOENIXWilliams,Rumberger,etcLife and Death of a Copper Town, PhoenixElsie G. Turnbull849
EHOLTBrown,Luce,Rendell,etcNo Trace Remains–the Town of EholtEarl Nelson857
BOUNDARY FALLSCasselman,BoltzThe Casselman FamilyCaroline Love861
BOUNDARY FALLSThorntonThe Legend Lives on–Jolly Jack ThorntonF. Western Smith868
BOUNDARY AREANatives of Kettle RiverMichael A.Freisinger872
BOUNDARY AREABurrellThe Orator, Hon. Martin Burrell,M.P.Stanley Orris875
GRAND FORKSBrownVolcanic BrownCecil Clark881
NORTH FORKBrownVolcanic BrownCecil Clark881
GRAND FORKSBrownRobert A. Brown-a poem on Volcanic BrownGoldie Miller887
NORTH FORKBrownRobert A. Brown-a poem on Volcanic BrownGoldie Miller887
BOUNDARY AREARum Running DaysVern Smith91
MYNCASTEREekThe Eek StorySue Dahlo98
ROCK CREEKEekThe Eek StorySue Dahlo98
GRAND FORKSHuttonJohn A. HuttonHutton family919
CURLEW, WA.MacDonaldRanald MacDonald 1824-1894Alice Glanville923
CURLEW, WA.MacDonaldRanald MacDonald, A personal accountNellie Stanton926
GRAND FORKSHuntley,MillsThe History of the Grand Forks Fire Dept.A.J.Talarico931
GREENWOODChristensenThe Christensen StorySue Dahlo934
NORWEGIAN CREEKChristensenThe Christensen StorySue Dahlo934
BOUNDARY FALLSChristensenThe Christensen StorySue Dahlo934
BEAVERDELLAlcrow,Bell,Tuzo,etc1901–Rendell + Beaverton=BeaverdellLinda Tedesco942
GRAND FORKSSmithAn Epidemic to RememberVern Smith946
MIDWAYMcArthur,McMynn,etcThe Sawmill in MidwayBetty Kohn949
MIDWAYEholt,Nicholson,etcA Short History of MidwayAlice Evans955
WESTBRIDGESullivanTimothy SullivanArthur Mellor964
RHONESullivanTimothy SullivanArthur Mellor964
ROCK MOUNTAINNelson,Eek, DuMont,etcRock Mountain TourBill Hatton965
BOUNDARY AREAWeed,Abel,Cochrane,etcLog Drives on the Kettle RiverBetty Kohn967
GRAND FORKSCovertThe Covert District in Sunshine ValleyR. Cunniffe971
GRAND FORKSCovert, Spraggett,etcPioneers in the Grand Forks DistrictBlanche Reid982
DEADWOODMcLaren, McRae,etcThe Deadwood School Re-unionMildred Roylance985
PAULSONGriswoldThe Paulson AreaJim Glanville991
MIDWAYCox,Haynes,McMynn,etcThe History of the West Boundary PoliceAlice Evans996
GREENWOODOfficial Opening of the Greenwood Museum9104
GRAND FORKSSmith,etcRecollections of Boyhood DaysVern Smith9108
BOUNDARY AREARailway Mail Service in the BoundaryR.F. Marriage107
GRAND FORKSGowanThe Gowans Family“Kitch“1012
EHOLTLuce, RendallThe Gowans Family“Kitch“1012
SIDLEYSidleyR.G.Sidley`s RanchMidway Dispatch1027
GRAND FORKSAlmond,SpraggettHistory of Kettle Valley DistrictSydney R. Almond1032
BOUNDARY AREAAlmond,SpraggettHistory of Kettle Valley DistrictSydney R. Almond1032
BOUNDARY AREAA Brief History of the Railways in the AreaAlice M. Evans, etc1046
BOUNDARY AREATrade Tokens of the Boundary DistrictLeslie C. Hill1066
BOUNDARY AREACox,Lequime,etcOkanagan Historical Ties with the BoundaryVic Casorso1078
ROCK CREEKCox,Lequime,etcOkanagan Historical Ties with the BoundaryVic Casorso1078
MIDWAYJacksonOkanagan Historical Ties with the BoundaryVic Casorso1078
CAMP MCKINNEYCasorsoOkanagan Historical Ties with the BoundaryVic Casorso1078
RHONEMellorArthur Mellor (1884-1978)John Patrick Mellor1081
RIVERSIDEHopperArthur Mellor (1884-1978)John Patrick Mellor1081
ROCK CREEKLum,PittendrighArthur Mellor (1884-1978)John Patrick Mellor1081
GRAND FORKSWolfram, PocockCarl Frank Wolfram, Sr.Carl Wolfram, Jr.1084
CAMP MCKINNEYWolfram, MathewsCarl Frank Wolfram, Sr.Carl Wolfram, Jr.1084
GRAND FORKSWoodland,GoodeveFrom Pestle and Mortar to ComputerJoyce Flanagan1087
GREENWOODWoodland,GoodeveFrom Pestle and Mortar to ComputerJoyce Flanagan1087
JEWEL LAKEWhite, Bosshart,FloydHistory of Jewel LakeGladys Floyd1091
CHRISTINA LAKEMacDonald,SandnerHistory of Christina LakeR.F. Sandner1099
BOUNDARY AREABoundary Country CemeteriesR.M.Simbrec10104
GRAND FORKSRunnalls,Perley,etcHistory of United ChurchGladys Floyd10111
CHRISTINA LAKERunnalls,Perley,etcHistory of United ChurchGladys Floyd10111
BOUNDARY FALLSCasselman,BurkmarGrowing up in Boundary Falls (1911-1927)Ann Paul10114
GRAND FORKSOrser,Reynolds,etcGrand Forks Public LibraryBetty Kohn10122
CHRISTINA LAKESandnerThe History and Restoration of an OverlandLincoln Sandner10128
BOUNDARY AREAThe Boundary (definition)J.L.G. McCallum114
BOUNDARY AREAWardleAn Interview with James WardleBC Archives115
BOUNDARY AREAPostal Service in the Boundary–100 yearsAlice Glanville118
GRAND FORKS“The Blue Goose”R.M.Simbrec1124
CARSONMcLaren,CarsonCarson, BC; also photo page 130Mildred Roylance1126
DEADWOODMcLaren,CarsonCarson, BC; also photo page 130Mildred Roylance1126
CHRISTIAN VALLEYNoren,Christian,etcChristian Valley DaysJohn Noren1135
NORTH FORKGlanville,Flanagan,etcNorth ForkJim Glanville1142
GILPINKnight,Hansen,etcThe Knight Family of Gilpin 1910-1925Effie Mudie1154
ANACONDAZahnd,Bombini,etcAnacondaNeil Zahnd1160
WESTBRIDGELautard,Haggart,etcWestbridge Picnic, June 19861172
RHONELautard,Haggart,etcWestbridge Picnic, June 19861172
RHONESaunier,FillmoreVoyage to a New Land (Diary)Martial Saunier1176
FIFESwanson,Tedesco,etcHistory of FifeCelia Swanson1183
BOUNDARY AREATrade Tokens of the Boundary District, Sup#1Leslie C. Hill1191
MYNCASTERMcMynnThe McMynn StorySue Dahlo1193
MIDWAYMcMynnThe McMynn StorySue Dahlo1193
ROCK CREEKMcMynnThe McMynn StorySue Dahlo1193
KETTLE VALLEYMcMynnThe McMynn StorySue Dahlo1193
GRAND FORKSEurebyThe E.W.Eureby FamilyRuth and Al Euerby11105
GREENWOODAtwoodThe Atwood StoryEric Atwood11108
GRAND FORKSAtwoodThe Atwood StoryEric Atwood11108
GRAND FORKSThe Slag PileGrand Forks Gazette11113
NORWEGIAN CREEKClarkThe Clark FamilyBetty Kohn11114
GREENWOODClarkThe Clark FamilyBetty Kohn11114
BOUNDARY AREAMorrison, Henderson,etcTo the Boundary by StageRose M. Gobeil129
BOUNDARY AREANotes on Boundary RoadsJim Glanville1223
BOUNDARY AREARoad Building in the BoundaryCliff Kohn1227
CASCADEOver the Tote Road 1898the Cascade Record1239
BOUNDARY AREABulldog Tunnel and SwitchbackDavid Wilkie1243
GRAND FORKSHenderson,Graham,etcThe Henderson StoryMazie Nuttall1249
BRIDESVILLENursing near BridesvilleMazie Nuttall1253
MIDWAYThe Wave at Eholt’s Ranch, 1897Anaconda Standard1255
BOUNDARY AREAUS-Canadian Boundary;Is it the 49th Parallel? The Daily Colonist1257
JEWEL LAKEPellyLord Pelly of Jewel LakeGladys Floyd1259
GRAND FORKSJewellThe Jewell FamilyCharlotte Beattie1267
GRAND FORKSHeritageC.LaBossiere1268
ROCK CREEKCareyThe Frank Carey FamilyMuriel Woolhether1269
DEADWOODMorrisonDr. N.E.Morrison’s MemoriesDr. N.E.Morrison1271
GREENWOODMorrisonDr. N.E.Morrison’s MemoriesDr. N.E.Morrison1271
GREENWOODMiyakamiThe Jap Went, 1898Boundary Cr.Times1281
DEADWOODBeran,BoyoThe Beran StoryAnna Graham1283
BRIDESVILLEBeran,BoyoThe Beran StoryAnna Graham1283
GRAND FORKSBeran,BoyoThe Beran StoryAnna Graham1283
KETTLE VALLEYWassholm,Barrett,etcSuppression Crew No.4Tannis Killough1289
GRAND FORKSMills, BonthronLeo Mills’ MemoriesLeo Mills1291
PHOENIXPhoenix Remembers 1927, CenotaphPROVINCE,Earl Kelly12103
PHOENIXThe Story of PhoenixF.McDonald,S.Hilliard12105
KETTLE VALLEYBubarBubar Family Celebrates 100 yearsJim Glanville12111
GRAND FORKSArrow Lakes Repatriate their AncestorsMike Hogan12113
GRAND FORKSMcMynn,AtwoodMae Annie Edith AtwoodJohn McMynn12115
MIDWAYMcMynn,AtwoodMae Annie Edith AtwoodJohn McMynn12115
GRAND FORKSThe Lonesome PineNola Knight (1925)12119
KETTLE VALLEYCampbellFootprints of the PastEvelyn Pownall12123
GRAND FORKSGlaspellsThe Glaspells of Grand ForksMelvin Glaspell12127
CHRISTINA LAKEMacDonaldChristina of Christina Lake and ShuswapG.P.V Akrigg139
ROCK CREEKBeam,Cox,Haynes,etc History of Rock CreekSue Dahlo1317
ROCK CREEKCoxWilliam G. Cox: Gold CommissionerSue Dahlo1331
PHOENIXBamburyW.H. Bambury: The Last Resident of PhoenixAlice Glanville1339
PHOENIXBamburyThe Three BachelorsW.H. Bambury1341
PHOENIXBamburyThe Diary of W.H. Bambury Dec/49-May/50W.H. Bambury1343
CHRISTIAN VALLEYCochrane, MacMillanBack to Nature SafariE.A. Harris1358
BOUNDARY AREAHaggenLois Haggen: M.L.A.’s StoryGwen Cash1352
ROCK CREEKNicholsonHenry Nicholson: Mining RecorderSue Dahlo1364
GRAND FORKSAcres, Perley,etcCurling LadiesPhyllis Acres1373
NORTH FORKZuccoSeeking JusticeBea Zucco1375
GRAND FORKSZuccoSeeking JusticeBea Zucco1375
BOUNDARY AREAAgnellusFather Agnellus Pickelle S.A.Rose Boltz1385
GREENWOODAgnellusFather Agnellus Pickelle S.A.Rose Boltz1385
BOUNDARY FALLSFolvikLawrence Folvik: The RancherNeil Smith1389
GREENWOODFolvikLawrence Folvik: The RancherNeil Smith1389
GRAND FORKSMcCarter“They Possess Great Faith” Newspaper:MinerBrian Gobbett1392
GRAND FORKSDocksteader, KohnSawmill Beehive BurnersCliff Kohn1398
RHONELautard,Mellor,HarrowThe Rhone MonumentPaul Lautard13104
GRAND FORKSCampbell, ReidReminiscencesHelen Campbell13106
GRAND FORKSHuffman, WalkerThe Huffman Family: Pioneer MerchantIsabel Martin13114
PHOENIXHuffman, WalkerThe Huffman Family: Pioneer MerchantIsabel Martin13114
GREENWOODHigashi, FujimuraAnna The PlumberBonita Folvik13120
WESTBRIDGEFraser, Dr. MacLean Cameron Lake to Westbridge 1910Arthur M. Fraser R.N.13123
GREENWOODFraser, Dr. MacLean Cameron Lake to Westbridge 1910Arthur M. Fraser R.N.13123
MIDWAYFraser, Dr. MacLean Cameron Lake to Westbridge 1910Arthur M. Fraser R.N.13123
DEADWOODRoylance, McLarenA True Gold Nugget-Mildred RoylancePhyllis Waddington13129
GREENWOODRoylance, McLarenA True Gold Nugget-Mildred RoylancePhyllis Waddington13129
PHOENIX“Kitch“Marshall Lake: What’s in a Name?Alice Glanville13133
BEAVERDELLSmithPioneers of BeaverdellBill Warrington13135
WALLACE MOUNTAINSmithPioneers of BeaverdellBill Warrington13135
BEAVERDELLBubar, Hood,etcBeaverdell HistoryBill Warrington13139
WALLACE MOUNTAINBubar, Hood,etcBeaverdell HistoryBill Warrington13139
BEAVERDELLNordman,Elliot,etcThe NordmansCarol Hansell13142
WALLACE MOUNTAINNordman,Elliot,etcThe NordmansCarol Hansell13142
GREENWOODNordman, Ohlson,etcThe NordmansCarol Hansell13142
ANACONDANordman, AndersonThe NordmansCarol Hansell13142
PHOENIXOhlsonThe NordmansCarol Hansell13142
GRAND FORKSDavis,McArthur,etcMemories of Angus Davis: Mining EngineerAngus Davis13145
GREENWOODMcArthur, ForshawMemories of Angus Davis: Mining EngineerAngus Davis13145
BOUNDARY AREADavis,McArthur,etcMemories of Angus Davis: Mining EngineerAngus Davis13145
GRAND FORKSRileyFrom Saskatchewan to Grand Forks in 1933Pat Riley147
GRAND FORKSBridging the PastW.Austin & S.Thomson1413
GRAND FORKSLog Buildings Reclaimed and RecycledJoyce Flanagan1417
GRAND FORKS#1 The Flanagan HomeJoyce Flanagan1417
NORTH FORKRella#2 The Eburne-Stoodley FarmJoyce Flanagan1419
GREENWOODShaw#3 The Shaw Bed and BreakfastJoyce Flanagan1422
GRAND FORKSCook#4 Kay Cook’s $20 Log HouseJoyce Flanagan1424
PHOENIXphoto–The First House in PhoenixIrene Parker1428
BOUNDARY AREACustoms and Excise in the BoundaryJoyce Flanagan1429
GRAND FORKSAtwood, McMynnHappy 100th Birthday, Mae Atwood 20011436
MIDWAYAtwood, McMynnHappy 100th Birthday, Mae Atwood 20011436
BOUNDARY AREAKettle named Heritage RiverKR Echo Sept 1,19971436
BOUNDARY AREABarnesThe Barnes StoryHarry Barnes 19471437
ROCK MOUNTAINKingsleyThe Kingsley StorySue Dahlo1451
BRIDESVILLEKingsleyThe Kingsley StorySue Dahlo1451
KETTLE VALLEYMadgeAlbert Madge and his DescendantsGeoff Bate1461
GRAND FORKSA Century of Anglican ServicesRev.S.Shenstone1465
BOUNDARY AREAA Century of Catholic ServicesR.M.Simbrec1471
SIDLEYCossThe Coss Family HistoryVera Burnham1477
GREENWOODBombiniMama GraMay Wallitner1483
RHONEFillmoreThe Fillmore StoryIrma Haggart1485
WESTBRIDGEFillmoreThe Fillmore StoryIrma Haggart1485
BEAVERDELLphoto and map1488
MYNCASTERPitmanThe Pitmans of Myncaster, BCSue Dahlo1489
ROCK CREEKPitmanThe Pitmans of Myncaster, BCSue Dahlo1489
CHRISTIAN VALLEYCochranA Long Walk and Old ClockLorne Cochran1497
ROCK CREEKphoto–Pioneers of Rock Creek areaMildred Roylance1498
GRAND FORKSCelebrations of CentennialR.M.Simbrec1499
GREENWOODCelebrations of CentennialR.M.Simbrec1499
PHOENIXCelebrations of CentennialR.M.Simbrec1499
FIFETedescoThe Tedesco FamilyElsie Swanson14103
BOUNDARY FALLSBoltz,NenzelThe Boltz & Nenzel Families in the BoundaryPhyllis Waddington14107
MIDWAYBoltz,NenzelThe Boltz & Nenzel Families in the BoundaryPhyllis Waddington14107
DEADWOODBoltz,NenzelThe Boltz & Nenzel Families in the BoundaryPhyllis Waddington14107
GREENWOODLoweryWit and Wisdom of “Colonel” Bob LoweryRon Welwood14113
PHOENIXPhoenix Employees 1956-197814125
ROCK CREEKPittendrighRock Creek HotelKR Echo July 10, 199514128
ROCK CREEKRock Creek Petition for Liquor 1888Jim Arnusch14129
CAMP MCKINNEYRock Creek Petition for Liquor 1888Jim Arnusch14129
NORTH FORKStoneKaren FallsR.M.Simbrec14132
BOUNDARY AREASpraggett, Brown,etcWhen Did They Come? Pioneers met in 1928R.M.Simbrec14133
GREENWOODChristensenThe Story of Edward Greenwood ChristensenSue Dahlo14135
BOUNDARY AREAMining in the Boundary 1897Post-Intelligencer14141
GRAND FORKSBryant,Parkerphoto–60th Wedding Anniversary 199614154
BOUNDARY AREABrown,Christensen1997 Remembrance Day List of BC Places14154
CASCADECascade Customs Celebrates 100 yearsR.M.Simbrec14155
BOUNDARY AREAA Touch of the Boundary-Cowboy PoetryJohn Eek14157
ROCK CREEKA Touch of the Boundary-Cowboy PoetryJohn Eek14157
GRAND FORKSMemories of Angus Davis: Part 2Angus Davis14161
GREENWOODMemories of Angus Davis: Part 2Angus Davis14161
BOUNDARY AREAMemories of Angus Davis: Part 2Angus Davis14161
PHOENIXPhoenix Cemetery ReportR.M.Simbrec14167
GRAND FORKSHumour and Pathos at BorderG.F.Gazette 194014170
BOUNDARY AREAArchaeology ReportR.M.Simbrec14171
BOUNDARY AREAThe Boundary before 1900Lorraine Anderson151
BOUNDARY AREAJohnsonMemoirs of Ole Johnson 1930BC Archives159
ROCK CREEKJohnsonMemoirs of Ole Johnson 1930BC Archives159
ROCK CREEKCoplandJames Copland, 80 years in BCPROVINCE, 19381515
GRAND FORKSClarkSeattle Clark DiaryHarry Shannon1517
GREENWOODMorleyphoto–Greenwood Railway StationL.Forrester1522
GRAND FORKSShannonShannon FamilyHarry Shannon1523
NORTH FORKShannonShannon FamilyHarry Shannon1523
CHRISTINA LAKESummer Residents about 1922J.L.G. McCallum1528
GRAND FORKSPioneer Days, G.F.Gazette June 26,1947Percy McCallum1529
GRAND FORKSEarly Kettle River Settlers (Grand Forks)Gordon McCallum1534
GRAND FORKSHardy,NewbyThe Hardy Farm and The Newby FarmGF MINER 18961535
GRAND FORKSNisbetThe Poor Man’s Lowery, Robert M. NisbetGreg Nesteroff1537
GREENWOODBeranA Bohemian Immigrant in CanadaJoe Beran1541
GRAND FORKSBeranA Bohemian Immigrant in CanadaJoe Beran1541
GRAND FORKSMilk and Honey and (Meat too)Jim Glanville1549
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GRAND FORKSLiving Beside Smelter LakeJim Glanville15111
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GRAND FORKSPodvinikoff
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BRIDESVILLEthe TedrowsAl Donnelly1872
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ROCK CREEKCanadian Forestry CorpJenson Edwards1898
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GRAND FORKSa History of CKGF Radio in the BoundaryM. Mallette;R. Linden18133
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Anarchist Mtn.CharltonsFarming in the Blood – The Charltons of
Anarchist MountainAl Donnelly18162
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Jewel LakeOur Jewel Lake CabinBdy. Historical Society18170
ROCK CREEKTime Capsule in the BoundaryBdy. Historical Society18v
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