July 18, 2021

Hello Members and Friends,

Whew! – A very hot start to July. Hope you are all staying as cool as possible and enjoying these summer days.

I have had to change up the days we will be at Market on Market. I can’t be there on the 24th of July due to a family memorial service. I’ll be there on Saturday, July 31st and then every two weeks. Sales have dropped off at Market but continue through phone calls and email. If you haven’t managed to get your copy of Report #18, we have made it easier for you (maybe) by adopting e-transfers. Just e-transfer us $12.50 – if you are a member – and I’ll mail your copy to you. Mailing cost for one book is $5.34. Just a note that our table literally just fell apart – maybe time and heat? Anyway, I was so glad our books were not on it and I have got another. Bob McTavish continues to set up his canopy and help with Market on Market. Big thanks to him for volunteering for this project.

Thanks go out to Mel Carroll, too, for making our Upper Phoenix Cemetery sign more secure. He and his wife, Joan, measured both cemeteries for us. I think we can only have the upper one surveyed with ground penetrating radar but I could be wrong. Our president, Joan Heart, is looking into the cost of having this service done and also searching for funding for this project. When Rose Gobeil and I visited the cemetery, she believed there were graves along the front fence line – radar would tell us if there are more graves in this area than are marked.

Bob McTavish and Dick Jones from the Boundary Woodworkers Guild installed our sign-in kiosk at the lower cemetery and also placed new name plaques on the main kiosk. Al Donnelly reported shortly after that our pen had gone missing so he left a few more and he noted that there were some signees.
We are planning to place a memorial sign for Hazel Mary Clayton on Thursday, August 26th. This is the date her relatives have requested. We are going to place the sign near the top of the main cemetery close to where the sign is indicating our responsibility for the cemetery. If you are interested in attending you are most welcome. I’m not sure of the time yet but I’ll be sending another note around before this date. I expect it will be a simple ceremony.

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Speaking of ceremonies, please keep Sunday, August 15th open for our Picnic and Open House at the Jewel Lake Cabin. We will have the cabin open from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bring a picnic lunch and a lawn chair if you would like to picnic with us. If you’d just like to drop by to see the cabin, no problem. We want to share our memories of Gladys and honour her donation of this historic site. Parking could be at a premium. The owners of the Jewel Lake Resort said we could use their parking lot but it might be busy on a Sunday – might have to park along the road in. I’m not sure yet if we will be able to serve coffee (am going to try because Gladys would be mightily disappointed if we don’t!). We’ll have something cold to drink, goodies and watermelon – bring your bag lunch and a lawn chair. We have some if you don’t have one – Gladys had quite a stock of chairs which we kept. We are welcome to use the Resort’s washroom up by the office. I’ll be placing a notice in the Gazette and the Boundary Creek Times. Call me if you have any questions – 250-442-2274.

Perhaps you have read about the Resort’s problems in regards to camping spots and the building of new cabins. We felt a bit like we were adding to the barrage because we sent them a letter letting them know we plan to put our fence in the correct location (which means they lose a camping spot). I tried to register this letter but that didn’t work although I took a nice drive out to the Greenwood Post Office. I drove up to Jewel Lake and hand delivered the letter.

My tummy was turning somersaults the next time I was up as there was a car parked in the camp site. We had requested that they remove the fire pit and picnic table and not rent out the site. Knowing that it is our property we didn’t want to assume liability if there was a mishap. Ken Fehr and I drove up to try to put a hinge on the oven door and to tidy a bit. I took up pictures and Gladys’ guest books. Orlanda Brown – Gladys’ trustee – gave me two pictures of the Floyd property and also another copy of the cabin picture along with the guest books. Sina (owner) and Ron (caretaker) came over to chat with us. Ron is parked there because of the excessive heat in the trailer he normally stays in. He is looking for a place to live and knows he will have to be out of this spot when we fence. Sina and her family are selling their place in Penticton and moving to Jewel Lake. It was good to have a chat and clear up the situation. I polled the executive and they wrote back that “Ron is a good guy” and the consensus was to let him stay until we fence in early August.

Jamie Forbes brought us a memory stick with the Alpine Inn story on it. We are thinking of having it printed for our winter sales. I was able to correct some of the minor errors we found. We are going to check into our options for printing – currently it is coil bound.

We want to have a “tidy day” at the Phoenix cemetery before we place the memorial sign for Hazel. Just a bit worried about how dry it is and the use of power tools. We might just be doing some trimming where the sign will go.

Hope to see you on August 15th – I’ll have some books with me if you’d like one.

Historically yours,
Doreen Sorensen