Hello Members and Friends,
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been a busy time for your BHS in the last month or so.

We held our AGM on October 4th in the Royal Canadian Legion meeting room. We had 12 members present and 1 guest. Mel Carroll kindly ran our elections for us. Your board of directors was elected by acclamation:
President: Joan Heart
Vice-President: Cher Wyers
Treasurer: Jo Ann Sergeant
Secretary: Doreen Sorensen
Directors: Irene Perepolkin & Mickey Keller Nadon
Al Donovan let his name stand for Area Rep. and he will be confirmed as a Director at our meeting on Wednesday, October 21st. Members are always welcome at our meetings. We are holding them in the Legion – 1 p.m. 3rd Wednesday of the month. We skip meetings in December and July. If any other members are interested in being an Area Rep. (Director) there is still time to put your name forth.

Ken Fehr and Mel Carroll repaired the fence at the Jewel Lake cabin. We used posts donated by Al and Desiree at Jewel Creek Antiques. Managed to get the bird nest put back up, too. They reinforced the rest of the fence with metal bed rails that were still on the property – good thing we kept them! Nice job, Ken and Mel. I’m hoping to engage their services in placing the sign we will be erecting in front of the cabin. I’m really hoping it will be ready early next week. It is a “tabletop” sign (like the ones on the Trans-Canada Trail). The sign displays a brief history of the cabin with pictures from the early 1900s and of Gladys.

The great people at Jewel Creek Antiques received the timbers from Son Ranch for the stairs at Phoenix Cemetery in September. Son Ranch very generously donated the timber. We got 6 stairs from them.

On Sunday, September 27th, Desiree and Al and her sons, Keegan and Liam began replacing the stairs. Al Donnelly and I joined them. Al D. and the boys did some work on the gate entrance and the boys and Al Laary seated the stairs. The new stairs look good and feel great. We realized we need 6 more so I contacted Son Ranch the next day. Hoping we can get them in next spring. On October 4th while we were involved in our AGM, Al and Desiree and the boys put in new posts for the hand railing (kindly donated by them). They were able to use the old handrail. Al put in another post for the sign for the driving tour. Looks great – hope the plow doesn’t hit it this winter.

Past President, Les Johnson, volunteered to put our Report #18 together. We are very pleased to have him onboard for this task. Al Donnelly has been gathering stories that are being sent in. We have a deadline of October 30th to receive the articles but this date isn’t written in stone so if you have a story you’ve been considering submitting, please send it to our email address. We are shooting for an early spring 2021 printing date. If everything goes really well that date could easily be moved forward.

Cher Wyers, our Vice President, is recovering from knee surgery and we all wish her a quick recovery. We were so glad to see Klaus Bialon and his sister, Gabrielle O’Doherty, at our AGM. Gabrielle gave us lovely antique chairs for the Jewel Lake cabin. The wood on their backs perfectly matches the table. We are still looking for an older braided rug. That may have to wait until next year.

My nephew, Jesse Holtorf, and I have spent a couple of days working on the Upper Cemetery. He has cut down the big willow, trimmed dead branches off the spruce tree and cut back the brush along the fence. We borrowed a trimmer from the ATV Club (thank you so much!) and he was able to do some much needed trimming. We took out 5 loads of debris. Next year we will get to the Lower Cemetery. It is looking darn good with the new stairs.

Al Donnelly has been working on hiring a contractor to repair the fence on the right hand side. We don’t know what happened to it but something big knocked it totally awry. We’ve okayed the quote and are thinking the repairs will be done next week — if the snow holds off.

I filed our Annual Society Report this week. Joan continues to work on the second part of her Sinixt-Doukhobor Reconciliation project under our umbrella. She is looking into applying for a grant from the government – a one-time only grant that could help us with the unique heritage sites that we maintain. We’ll keep you updated.

Congratulations to our member, Barry Noll, on being elected Greenwood’s Mayor. Good wishes to you, Barry.
Congrats also, to our member, John Billwiller, on his retirement from active duty with the Volunteer Fire Dept.

No Craft Fairs for us this Christmas – that is a big hit to our revenue but we’ll just have to be frugal (not that we aren’t).
Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Historically yours,
Doreen Sorensen – Secretary