For some of the places in the Boundary area we have pictures . . . pictures taken long ago. And that means, if we can figure out where the camera was positioned and set-up, we might be able to take that same picture today. So you can see how things have changed.

A few years back I put some work into how to make this happen with our website. We use WordPress and functionality like a before/after scrolling image reveal is not something that comes out of the box with WordPress. So I spent some time working out how this might be done with a web page and while I was able to get it working with a mouse (but not a touch device) I do not write WordPress plug-ins (yet). And at that time there was no solution – but now (2020) there is.

The images below are examples of what is possible . . . ideally each would get its own article with much more information. And that is what I hope will happen over time.
– Les Johnson Dec / 2020

Once the Royal Bank – currently the Borsht Bowl restaurant
Art Effects (until 2018) was previously one of 3 grocery stores in a row.
Select Office Products was also once one of those grocery stores.
The Home Hardware (downtown) was once the Co-Op.
The Source was once a Shell Service Station
Different owners – still a Shell Station