Hello Members & Friends,
I don’t have a great lot of news to report but wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we have received a donation from Don Reid’s estate in the amount of $5000.00. What a blessing this is for us!!
We’ve been worrying a little about money – we’ve filled out a Grant in Aid request to the RDKB for funding to continue to preserve and maintain Phoenix Cemetery. Vicki Gee has promised to include us in her budget next November and we hope to hear back from Roly Russell. Klaus Bialon (our volunteer maintenance man for the cemetery) has ordered lumber from Son Ranch to do repairs to the staircase at Phoenix. I need to get in touch with the Boundary Woodworkers and see how work on the picket fences is proceeding. It feels like everything came to a drop-dead halt when regulations for helping flatten the Covid-19 curve came out. I know that I have slowed down in my efforts writing – have been enjoying long walks instead of huddling over my computer.
Joan Heart, our President, is now in situ at Grand Forks City Park. She’d welcome visitors (at a correct social distance) and love to chat history – but, not when she is busy with tourists (if she is busy with tourists). Joan has written a letter to the Gazette announcing the donation from Don Reid’s estate. Don’s great-grandmother, Sylvia Covert, was the first white child born in this valley. His father Emerson Reid was a life-long member of our Historical Society and was a well-loved and respected Grand Forks booster. His care of the sliding hill (Reid’s Hill) will be remembered by all those who enjoyed the pleasure it gave
Blake Macleod has been sending some articles and pictures to us. This is a picture of his mother, Gloria (nee Preetzman) looking on as her sister Jean sites a rifle. Gloria was born at Kerr Creek and has an enduring love for the area. She and Blake visited with us at Greenwood’s Founders’ Day last year. Her story will be included in Report #18. Gloria’s family farm is now owned by Fred and Jane Marshall.
Thank you to those who continue to renew their memberships. I’ll do an update in June. Won’t be able to attend any events to sell our Reports but if you want any of them just call or write.
Historically yours,
Doreen Sorensen