Hello Members and Friends,
We skipped our monthly meeting in August as we held a meeting in July. Despite this, August has been a busy month for us.
We had work crews up at the Jewel Lake cabin on a pretty well weekly basis. Al and Desiree from Jewel Creek Antiques accepted a few items that we had accumulated and also took the old, rusted stove from the yard to use in their museum. Ken Fehr was on hand to take out a lot of the old wood, metal and cement blocks that were piled in the yard. My nephew, Jon, arrived to remove the old couch and chairs – we thought they should go to the dump but he loved them. I thought they were brown but when we got them in the sunlight we could see they were almost neon green (and, we could see the wear). Jon’s step-mother, Heather, helped to clean out drawers and helped set up the cot as a bed. We found old wool blankets in the cedar chest – bonus. We are looking for 4 – 6 old wooden chairs for the table and an old braided rug. Keep us in mind!
Jo Ann and I continued our clean up – an interesting task. Took many loads of plastic and glass to the recycling centre and made one run to the dump. Ken had to make some runs there, too. It felt so good when we actually got down to cleaning.

Ken, Desiree, and Al

Of course I forgot to take my camera on the day that Ken Fehr and Mel Carroll took down 3 dead trees and cleared dead branches and brush from the lot. It looks so much better!! The Resort owners were kind and they removed most of the firewood from the side of the cabin after Ken offered it to them. They also allowed us to take all the brush over to their burn pile which was definitely a plus for us. Ken ended up with one more truck load of scrap wood to take home.
In the meantime, a portion of the fence fell down at the front of the lot. Mel and Ken flipped it onto our property and we are planning a work party to put it back up. All the fence posts will have to be replaced and there is a portion of the fence missing at the rear. A “next year” project? Al Laary from Jewel Creek offered us fence posts and he dropped some off last week.
We attended Market on Market three Saturdays in August with Les Johnson’s help with his tent and presence. Altogether I think we took in about $460.00 and we paid $50.00 vendor fees so we made about $400.00. Every bit of money is a plus for us and we met so many newcomers to the area – signed up new members and renewed many memberships. Yesterday, was our last day for us attending Market on Market – hopefully, we will attend next year if the opportunity arises.
Ken, Desiree and Al
As I told you last newsletter, we’ve moved our AGM to Sunday, October 3rd. It is normally held the third Sunday in October but it feels safer in this time of Covid-19 to take advantage of good weather. We are holding it in the Grand Forks Legion’s meeting room. It is very spacious and we can socially distance. Will send out details after confirmation at our regular September meeting on Wednesday, September 16th – 1:00 p.m. at City Park. If you would like to attend this meeting bring a lawn chair. Members are always welcome at our meetings.
We lost our friend and fellow BHS Director, Randi DeLisle, this month. This has been a very hard year for the BHS – losing Rose and Gladys and now Randi. Our sincere condolences were sent to her family.
We received our Grant-In-Aid request in the amount of $2000.00 from the RDKB and Roly Russell. This money is earmarked for work at Phoenix Cemetery. Shilo Freer – Son Ranch – has said he will donate the lumber to repair the stairs. Al Laary is on top of the project and we are hoping to complete it this year. We need to get some old wood and brush out of there. Hoping to make up a work-party soon. We also received a donation from a new member, but old friend, Kay McCaffrey, in remembrance of Rose Gobeil. Kay and I took a trip up to Jewel Lake last week so she could see the cabin. Kay gave us her approval. We took her dog, Nitro, along – he was totally aware of where he was going as we climbed the mountain and was right at home although it seemed like he was looking for Gladys.
I’m working on some photo albums of the cabin and Gladys. Hoping we can get some of her old photos. You’ve probably seen some on the Boundary Heritage site. Kay graciously gave us a number of photos of Gladys and her friends enjoying the cabin and we found a few in the cabin.
We are awaiting stories from some of our contributors for the next Report – our deadline is approaching. We are hoping for an early spring release. Covid-19 has slowed us down some but not taken us out.
Stay safe,

(Pictures are from October 2019 and August 2020)