October 1, 2023

Hello Members and Friends

            We celebrated the harvest at both the Grand Forks Fall Fair and the Rock Creek Fair in September.  We are looking forward to a lovely Fall  and October means Annual General Meeting time!

            Thanks to Cher Wyers for organizing our table at the Grand Forks Fall Fair on September 9th and 10th.  With the help of Karen Watts, Mel and Joan Carroll and Mickey Keller-Nadon they took in over $200.00 in sales and memberships and talked history with a great many people.  Lana and Dan Rodlie from Trail are attending our October meeting on the 18th to talk genealogy with us thanks to Cher’s invitation.

            We headed out to the Rock Creek Fair the next weekend.  I had good “neighbours” beside our table and Mel and Joan and Frank Talarico spelled me off a few times. Thanks, for the help. I got to talk history with a great many interesting people, and we had a very successful weekend bringing in $478.50.  Our thanks to Lesli – the vendor coordinator – for giving out parking passes on Sunday afternoon so the vendors in the Pavilion were able to load up more easily.

            We emailed Chris Trudeau – Gladys Floyd’s estate lawyer –  and there are still some notifications to be made before the beneficiaries receive their cheques.  Hopefully, we will hear good news, soon.

            We have had questions from family members at the Fairs re signage at the Parks in Grand Forks. There has been concern about Lois Haggen Park and Barbara Ann Park.  We wrote a letter to Mayor Baker and the Councillors asking for information.  We received acknowledgement of our letter and understand that the City has a grant for new signage. We also inquired (again) about  the status of Mayor Sugimoto Park.

            I had a call from Bob McTavish yesterday and our “rails” are ready for the Jewel Creek cabin fencing. Michael Smith is going to drop them off for us at the cabin.  Big thanks to Michael for obtaining them for us. I will be going up to the cabin mid-month to put the snow barrier in place. 

            The Christmas Craft Fair invitations are rolling in. I’ve filled out a form for the Rock Creek Christmas Craft Fair on December 2nd and mailed a cheque.  We will not know for sure that we are “in” for a while, but it is a start. The Grand Forks Secondary School’s craft fair is on November 25th.  I’ll drop our entry form and cheque off tomorrow at the school office and we are invited to the Kettle River Arts Club craft fair on December 9th in McArthur Hall.  It is nice to start filling up our calendar so early.

            Our fencer, Justin Perras, has emailed that he will be up at the Phoenix Upper Cemetery later this coming week.  I do not know if the rain we have had has put him off schedule but am hoping he can get the job done soon.  The Woodworkers Guild are making plans for the cement crosses and small picket fences we are imagining for the Upper Cemetery.  Hopefully, some of you have been up and have seen all the work we have done on the main Cemetery this summer.

            Our AGM is scheduled for Sunday, October 15th at the Royal Canadian Legion in Grand Forks. Social and membership renewal from 1:30 – 2 p.m. and the Meeting will begin at 2 p.m. We will have coffee and refreshments and are hoping for a good turnout.  I’ll be sending out a couple of reminders up until the day!!

            Our next  regular meeting is Wednesday, October 18 , 2023 – Woodworkers Guild meeting room. We do not have a lot of room but drop by if you want to listen to the Rodlie’s talk on genealogy research.

In history,

Doreen Sorensen