October 23, 2022

Hello Members and Friends,

            Hope you are all enjoying this absolutely beautiful Fall season we are having.

            The weather is so nice that Jo Ann and I got Wm. Walter’s fencing painted around his grave.  I was planning on moving the headboard to make painting the pickets easier but some kind person wired it on very securely so now that wire is painted too!  It took a lot of paint – we started off with a gallon from Home Hardware and ended up driving to McMynn’s in Midway for another gallon!!  I got another grave painted because it was very simple – Thomas Pritchard’s.  As usual, we’ve got big plans for painting next year.  I contacted Wm. Walters grandson, Rick, and he chose a memorial plaque for the grave – the style we installed for Hazel Mary Clayton.  Hoping we will be able to get it in this year but we’ll see.  Rick is splitting the cost with us.


  Our AGM took place at the Royal Canadian Legion on Sunday, October 16th.  We had 15 members in attendance – we were hoping for more but Covid is a deterrent again.  Our President Joan Heart was under the weather so we were grateful that Vice-President, Cher Wyers, could assume the Chair.  Deb Billwiller ran our election and a full slate was adopted. Thanks, Deb. Your Executive is:  President:  Joan Heart, V.P.: Cher Wyers, Treasurer: Jo Ann Sergeant, Secretary: Doreen Sorensen and Irene Perepolkin and Mickey Keller-Nadon were elected as our Directors.  Following the meeting 5 members put their names forward as Area Reps and at our regular meeting on October 19th Bob McTavish, Marnie Green, Karen Watts, Ted Harrison and Jason McIver were approved as Directors.  We look forward to a productive year.

          While we were AGMing, Al and Desiree and their son, Liam, were installing the last 6 steps at Phoenix Cemetery.  It sure feels good to have this job done. Our thanks go out to our friends (and members)  at Jewel Creek Antiques for installing these new stairs and big thanks to our friends at Son Ranch for donating the steps.  It took awhile but it is done. 


I was back up last week and finished the painting and sawed down most of the mini-Pine forest on the bottom right hand side.  Was hoping to go back up on Thursday but there were snow flakes threatening – next week will work as well.  Desiree King wrote to tell me that the Greenwood Board of Trade is planning on helping us with clean up in the Spring!  We are always, always grateful for any help we receive.

            I forgot to get approval at our last meeting but we did discuss it.  We would like to have the Woodworkers’ Guild build 5 more picket fences – to put on graves that only have timber around them or no markers (you know they are graves, though).  We’ll get approval next month and the Woodworkers will work on them during the winter. These fences will be 3/4 of the height of the ones we have had installed.  We are always thankful for the help the Boundary Woodworkers have given us – from the Kiosk to a storage area for our Reports.  I did bring up a  “box” similar to the ones on the kiosk that have information in them.  We’d like to have some information about the IOOF fence posted and we have some history to draw from in our Reports.

            Three craft fairs are signed up for:  GFSS Grad Christmas Fair, Christina Lake Artisan’s Market and the Greenwood Artisan’s Market.  The GFSS Grad’s fair is on November 26th but Christina Lake and Greenwood’s collide on December 3rd.  I’ll be going to Greenwood and Karen and Joan will attend at Christina Lake.  The Rock Creek Christmas Craft Fair ended up being scheduled for that date also so we are not able to attend – a lot of organization goes into getting ready to attend.  I’m looking for another 26 inch suitcase with wheels to carry the Reports.  Marnie Green is going to check the Buy and Sells but if you have an old suitcase you could part with let me know.

            I filed our Annual Society Report this week.  Our last meeting for 2022 will be on Wednesday, November 16th at the Woodworkers Guild room – 1 pm.  We don’t have a regular meeting in December – we skip December and July – but work will continue. 

            If you have any family stories in the Boundary that you’d like to have included in our next Report we are beginning to work on it.  We all have a history! Any ideas, let me know.

Yours in history,

Doreen Sorensen