July 31, 2022

Hello Members and Friends,

Happy Family Day weekend! – hope you are having a great summer. I had such a super time on my Disneyland trip with my family. Lots and lots of great memories!!

I drove back from Calgary on July 15th and headed straight out to Irene’s and Nancy’s to see how the float for the Founder’s Day Parade was going. Nancy painted Frank Talarico’s flatbed (he was OK. with that!) and she had assembled a great float with lots of antiques and benches for riders. Irene wore a pioneer costume and she and Marnie Green threw out two big bags of candy to the spectators (thanks for the contribution, Marnie). Al Donnelly didn’t make it onto our float – he said he probably walked by it at least 4 times but didn’t recognize anyone – costumes will do that!! Big thanks to Frank Talarico for letting us use his flatbed and for driving also. I watched the parade from my table in the Park. I am sure it was the biggest parade ever assembled in Greenwood. Congratulation to member Desiree King who worked so hard on this parade. I saw Marnie afterwards and Les Johnson filmed the parade so I did get to see it. It was a successful weekend for the BHS – we were positioned right next to the Boundary Museum table with Bram and Matt. Bob McTavish had his blacksmith tent close by and he and Jason McIver kept an eye out for me. I stressed my knee out on our last day in Disneyland and it was difficult for me to walk. Les Johnson and I set up on Friday evening and he and Lorraine came to pack me up on Sunday afternoon. Big thanks for all the help. At our next meeting we’ll most likely discuss whether we’ll do a float again. Big, big thanks to Nancy Perepolkin and Irene. Our new banners didn’t work out but the one I got for our table worked well. We took in over $400.00 in memberships and sales of Reports.

Speaking of selling reports – Lorraine (Select Office) has now overtaken our President, Joan Heart’s record. Lorraine has bought 46 copies of Report #18 and sold them from her store. Thanks Lorraine!! We received a cheque from Gallery 2 – they had sold another 6 copies. Membership renewals and requests for Reports continue to trickle in.

I’ve signed us up for the Rock Creek Fall Fair as an education vendor. I think we will be inside the exhibit hall. When I first started as secretary, we talked about selling our Reports at the Rock Creek Fair but it cost $400.00. This year, they extended an invitation and the cost was $85.00 (insurance).

Desiree King and Al Laary were busy with Founder’s Day and their antique store so they haven’t had a chance to get the new stairs installed at Phoenix. They are also heavily involved with the Antique Car Show on August 19th and 20th. It should be a lot of fun – hope to see you there.

Jo Ann and I are going up to the Jewel Lake Cabin tomorrow to do some tidying. Making sure it sparkles for our Picnic on August 14th. Hope you will consider dropping up. Bring a bag lunch and a chair – we’ll provide coffee, goodies, watermelon and lemonade. I’m sure looking forward to it. You can renew your membership and I’ll bring along my suitcase of Reports in case you want to make a purchase. We’ll have an ad in the Gazette/Boundary Creek Times the week before. 11 am – 2 pm (or so). Mel Carroll has offered to do a little talk and maybe we’ll have a “reading” too from Mickey Keller-Nadon. I’ll check with the Resort tomorrow – I am pretty sure we will be welcome to use their washrooms but I’ll double check.

I’m signing us up for a table at the Grand Forks and District Fall Fair. We will definitely need some help as Jo Ann and I are heavily involved in the Fair and can’t manage the table. If you could put in a few hours selling Reports and Memberships just let me know and I’ll make up a schedule. 250- 442-2274. The Grand Forks and District Fall Fair is on September 3rd and 4th this year.

We’ve still heard nothing from Gladys Floyd’s lawyer as to whether her estate is settled. I’ll let you know if we hear anything at all.

Hopefully, the Boundary Woodworkers will have time to get the three new picket fences for Phoenix Cemetery in this coming month. Everyone has been so busy and it is busy at the Cemetery, too. I’ll be letting you know when we have a work party in September. Help is needed.

Our next regular meeting is on Wednesday, August 17th 1:00 p.m. Grand Forks City Park.

Yours in history,

Doreen Sorensen