May 22, 2022

Hello Members and Friends,

            Happy Victoria Day weekend! – today finally felt warm and all the blossoms are popping out – this is the time of year when I only want to breathe in.  Hope we can ease into warmer weather and not have to worry too much about flooding.

            Gallery 2 extended an invitation to us to attend a presentation about the restoration work being done on the windows and brick at the Gallery.  It was a very interesting evening and I was left wishing that some of our “lost” buildings and churches could have been restored.  We’ve lost so much history to fire.  I was entranced with the exhibition that was on in the central gallery where the presentation was given.  Miniatures of such detail  – a story of what is, what could be or will be.  Joan Heart and Les Johnson also attended. 

            Bob McTavish and I drove up to Jewel Lake a week ago last Friday.  We fully believed we would hit snow but were so lucky.  There was snow on the cabin roof and in the yard but not on the road.  We took the window that we cracked for repair and stuck some plastic up to deter any squirrels who might be curious.  It was lovely to see that the cabin looked great – survived another winter.  The Woodworkers repaired the window and Bob and I went back up on Monday to put the window back in.  Bob had done quite a bit of planing on the window frame in the fall so it was so much easier to get in and out.  Bob replaced the glass with heavier duty glass so it will be stronger.  Kay McCaffrey told me the window had always stuck – not anymore.  Bob got one of the new handles he made for the stove on – the oven door one is going to take more effort and we put the commode in place.  Just lovely!!

            We had our first meeting in City Park for this year.  It was pretty iffy – looked like we’d be crowding in to Joan’s office but the weather cleared up and we were able to sit outside.  The picnic area is now down in the area of the campsite washrooms.  If you want to attend, please remember to park on the grass and not on the road – you must enter and depart from 7th street.  Construction of the berm continues and soon they will be working on the Seniors’ building.  Joan is so dedicated – her office right now is on the wrong end of the road!!   

            Mickey Keller-Nadon reported at our meeting that she and her husband, Mike Nadon, had gone up to Phoenix and checked out the mystery rock that had broken the IOOF picket fence.  Mike felt that it could be moved with the help of another pair of hands.  Frank Talarico volunteered and we all travelled up to Phoenix yesterday.  Frank and I were too late – Mike had nudged the rock over and tumbled it down the hill.  Luckily, it went right under the fence and right out into the field!! Thanks, Mike.  We are going to ask the Woodworkers when they have some time to help repair the fence.  Hopefully, that can happen this year.  Frank is willing to help with cleanup – we need to get some branches cut off trees and dead-fall carried out.  I’ll get back to you when we set a date – hoping for some extra hands.  Frank located the grave of his uncle with Mike’s help.  Joseph Ciacco died in a mining accident at the young age of 19. He was caught between a mine car and a wall of drift. 

Mike Nadon, Mickey Keller-Nadon, and Frank Talarico


Phoenix grave site of Joseph Ciacco

We are still looking for an older vehicle for the Founder’s Day parade. Any ideas?  Give Doreen a call at 250-442-2274.

Jo Ann and I visited Boundary Museum for their opening on Saturday afternoon.  So wonderful to have our Museum open again! We stopped to look at the Haines cabin that the Woodworkers are putting up – it will house Bob Demartalaere’s antique tool collection.  An impressive building – looks great.  We toured the carriage and fire engine building.  The Woodworkers have installed a sliding door between the buildings to prevent exhaust from getting on the carriages.  We were so impressed with the displays and the loving care that has gone in to restoring and maintaining all these vehicles.  Great to see that the models of the Granby Smelter and the Roundhouse that was located where Boundary Electric is are still on display.  Next we visited the main building.  So clean and tidy and all the displays look very well done.  Saw some new items and reacquainted ourselves with the ones we remembered.  Jo Ann was excited to see many of the pieces she donated to the Museum from her mother’s collection on display.  Her mother, Jo Thompson, was an avid collector and she recognized the value of preserving our history.  We met with Linda Kay Weise – the new office manager.  Linda Kay bought Bea and Sylvia Zucco’s property and she loves it.  I suggested she may want to read Bea’s story in Report #16.  I sent her a new copy of our price list for our Reports.  Blair MacGregor was on hand, too.  He is the new Treasurer for the Boundary Museum Society.  Hope you’ll all visit often.  I am pretty sure they have something planned for Canada Day. 

Blair MacGregor and Linda Kay Weise

            We discussed our Annual Picnic at our meeting.  We chose Sunday, August 14th for the date.  June is just so iffy weather-wise.  We will use Gladys Floyd’s cabin at Jewel Lake again.  I’ll have further details as we talk more. Time will be 11:30 – 2:00 p.m.  Mark your calendars!!

            Our next regular meeting is on Wednesday, June 15h at the City Park Campground at 1 pm.  Bring a lawn chair if you’d like to attend – remember to enter on 7th street – where the BMX track is.

Doreen Sorensen – Secretary