November 7, 2021

Hello Members and Friends,

What a glorious fall we’ve had.

I wonder if the extreme heat we suffered through this summer has something to do with the brilliant colours of the leaves? Back on Standard Time today and it will take a few days before I don’t wake up an hour early but I’m so happy for the morning light.

We had 12 people attend our AGM on October 17th at the Royal Canadian Legion in Grand Forks – same number as last year. We elected a full slate of officers thanks to the able conducting skills of Deb Billwiller.
Here are your officers for 2021-2022:

  • President: Joan Heart
  • Vice-President: Cher Wyers
  • Treasurer: Jo Ann Sergeant
  • Secretary: Doreen Sorensen
  • Directors: Irene Perepolkin and Mickey Keller-Nadon

Following the meeting, Marnie Green stepped forward as an Area Representative as did Bob McTavish.
At our regular meeting on October 20th they were both confirmed as Directors.
As per our By-Laws, Les Johnson continues to serve as Past-President.

Thanks to Mickey and Irene for the tasty goodies that we feasted on following the AGM.

Jo Ann and I travelled up to Phoenix Cemetery on October 27th on a lovely day trip and wandered the lower cemetery seeing where we might like to have a few more picket fences built and installed by the Boundary Woodworkers.

I took a picture of the wings that were placed beside Hazel Mary Clayton’s memorial plaque. We found that the sign-in kiosk’s door was swollen shut by all the rain we’d had.

Hopefully, it will shrink in the cold weather and we’ll be able to get in again.

On Monday, November 1st Jo Ann and I ventured up to Jewel Lake to put the guest books into a plastic container.

We’ve never seen any sign of mice or pack rats but don’t want to take a chance with those books. We put the barrier up across the doorway to keep the snow at bay and ended up wandering around up at the Provincial Park.

There were “bear in area” signs so we retraced our steps rather quickly.

Jo Ann is a rock collector so we picked up some great specimens on both drives. She is pretty sure her grampa Ruzicka would be pleased as he was an avid miner.

At our meeting following the AGM, Cody Thate spoke to us regarding his dream of turning the Omni rail lines into a rail museum similar to the one in Summerland. We offered Cody our support and shared his excitement in this worthwhile project. He is setting up a Society.

I saw on Friday that Frank Schlichting and his partner, Sharon, have bought the property that the Yankee Boy Mine is on. He is going to re-timber the mine and have a “working” mine using a lot of the old mining equipment he has collected. What great tourist attractions for our area.

We wish Cody and Frank all the best in their endeavours to maintain our history in the Boundary.

Our friends at Kettle Valley Graphics – Peter and Mary Weeks – have retired and the business has been taken over by Minuteman Press with Dean, Judy and Brad at the helm.

We have ordered a reprint of Report # 18 – 150 copies as we are down to less than 60 copies of our original print. Jo Ann and I will be driving over on November 17th to pick them up. We were so fortunate that Dean was able to stay close to our original price.

Lorraine at Select Office continues to sell our Reports. She has now sold 30 and is shooting for Joan’s record of 45. Joan bought the Reports and gave them away this summer to travellers staying at the City Park campground – spreading Boundary history far and wide.

We picked up our newest book – Jamie Forbes history of the Alpine Inn and English Point.
The cost for members is $18.00. I doubt if we are going to have many craft fairs this winter but if you’d like a copy, just give me a call at 250-442-2274 and we can make arrangements for pick up or I can mail it.

Our next regular meeting is on Tuesday, November 16th 1:00 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion.

We are moving our meetings to the Woodworkers Guild building in January. They have most kindly offered it to us at no cost. We are ever so grateful to the Woodworkers for all the support they offer us.

Historically yours,

Doreen Sorensen