July 18, 2023

Hello Members and Friends,

            It has been so busy over the last few days that I am having a tough time remembering what happened in June!!

            We had to move our June 21st meeting at the last minute from City Park to the Woodworkers’ building because of the weather.  Our apologies to any members who were not notified. We discussed perhaps purchasing some shopping-type bags as a promotional item but have not made any decisions regarding a purchase.

            I know it is time to cut the grass again at Jewel Lake – I am hoping to get up next week with my mower.  We bought the fence poles for the new fence at Jewel Lake but have not gotten them picked up yet. It has been a terribly busy July – not sure where the time has gone!

            We have contacted a fencer re a quote for repairs or replacement to the left side and rear fence at the Upper Phoenix Cemetery. Have not heard back yet.  Les is going to take a drone photo so that Peter Matheson can take a stab at doing a rendition of the improvements we want to make at the Upper Cemetery.  We still have not received the grant money from the BCHF.  Joan is drafting our final report for the BCHF re the ground penetrating radar at the Upper Cemetery. Cher and I will be attending the conference in Princeton this coming weekend – perhaps we will find out when we will get the funds.  I am taking my suitcase full of Reports as we have a table to display our “wares”.  Al Donnelly, Les and I have been working on a new edition of the Phoenix booklet.  Al added a page about the name kiosk and some pictures of gravestones and Les has redesigned the cover – just in time for the conference.

            Busy weekend at Greenwood’s Founder Days. The organizers always do such a fantastic job, and we were very successful.  Bob McTavish helped me set up and take down and thanks to Bev Demartalaere for giving me restroom breaks! Much appreciated.  I took in over $400.00 in Report sales and memberships.  Signed up four new members.

            I drove up to Phoenix Cemetery after Bob and I set up on Friday in Greenwood. I wanted to prep Mr. Walter’s grave for placing his memorial plaque, BUT I dug into an ant nest – I felt terrible but boy could they defend their home and egg sacs.  I retreated – bloody, and feeling very guilty about disturbing their lives.  On Monday, a full crew of Woodworkers and BHS members travelled to Phoenix to place the seven new picket cradles. Lots of hands made the work go quickly.  Thanks to Bob McTavish, Dick Jones, John Walders, and Tony Fryer – experts in working with wood and our members Ted Harrison, Mel Carrol, Frank Talarico and his son and grandson for their helping hands.  Mel helped me put the memorial plaque in – no ants as I moved over a foot – and once again I put in too much quick acting cement, so I have “toadstools” under the sign.  Maybe I’ll get it right next time.  I will put some flowers between them.  I do not think anyone will be able to pull it out!


Today, Jesse trimmed about three-quarters of Phoenix Cemetery.  Jo Ann and I went up and picked up the debris and slid load after load down the mountain on a tarp and put it on the debris pile. Big thanks to the Grand Forks ATV Club for again loaning us their heavy-duty trimmer.  Jesse will finish off the trimming when he can get a new blade as this one became quite dull.  What an impressive job Jesse did – we are so lucky to have his help.

            Our Annual Picnic is slated for Sunday, August 13th from 11 – 2 at our Jewel Lake cabin. I am sending along a poster with an invitation to the picnic.  Hope to see lots of you there. Not sure about a speaker but we can just get together, chat and celebrate our cabin if I cannot find someone to share history with us. 

            Our next meeting is Wednesday, August 16, 2023 – Grand Forks City Park – 1:00 p.m.

In history,

Doreen Sorensen