May 27, 2023

Hello Members and Friends,

Just a note to let you know how the ground penetrating radar at the Upper Phoenix Cemetery worked out on Thursday. I met Jason Deleurme of Precision Radar Scanning at Canco in Greenwood and led him up to the Cemetery about 9:30 am. Bob and Maureen were waiting for us, and we had a few visitors including Mathieu from the Boundary Museum and Chris and Karen from the Gazette.

Jason performed ground penetrating radar at the Greenwood Cemetery several years ago. He said the Upper Cemetery was a little rougher to do – almost too uneven, but he managed.

We did not know what to expect – Rose Gobeil had told me of where the Historical Society thought there were graves along the front fence. The willow bush’s remains did not allow any radar in its vicinity, but Jason did find and stake I think 7 sites.  Some of them are obvious and others could just be a rock – an anomaly on his screen anyway.

We knew that there should be a grave for Malcom Anderson whose ashes were buried in the Upper Cemetery in 1988. He died at Logan Lake. Jason found his marker. There seem to be graves near baby Agnes Connolly and near Eugene Shea’s grave.

We will consider our next steps – how to pay our respects and how we will mark the sites.

On another note, we want to take the seven new picket cradles up to the main Phoenix Cemetery mid-June. We are looking for help, some “muscle.”  If you can help (most likely on a Sunday) just write us a note or call me at 250-442-2274.

Ken and I are heading up to Jewel Lake to do grass trimming at the cabin on Monday – everything is growing like crazy thanks to all the rain.

Doreen Sorensen