September 11, 2022

Hello Members and Friends,

            It’s been a busy 6 weeks for the BHS since my last newsletter!!  We’ve made an abrupt change into early Fall weather and for me the change is hard to adapt to.  I was so cold this morning that I turned my furnace on!!!

            Jo Ann and I travelled up to Gladys’ cabin at Jewel Lake to clean after the reopening of the cabin.  We washed the floors and dusted and did a quick clean – it was in remarkably good shape after last winter.  We drove over to Phoenix Cemetery the same day and just looked over what we want to do in our clean up later this month.

           Mel and Joan Carroll and I went up to the cabin the weekend before our picnic.  Mel used his weed-eater and Joan and I raked up the grass and brush he cut down.  He told me we should have done it earlier – it is just that it rained so much I didn’t think about going up.  Mel hung the shaving mirror that Joan donated for the cabin.  It was hard to find a solid place to hang it from but Mel managed and it looks great.  I think Gladys would be pleased.  Joan is going to write up a little blurb to go on display.

Joan and shaving mirror

           On August 14th we held our Annual Picnic at Gladys’ cabin.  Mel and Jo Ann were a big help.  We had to put the coffee percolator on the dresser as our cords didn’t stretch to the stove but it all worked out.  We had 16 members attend.  Mel Carroll gave an interesting  talk on one of his hike’s to an old mining area.  He had pictures to complement his talk and we enjoyed visiting the area vicariously. Thanks, Mel.  We will keep the pictures at the cabin.  Lots of lovely refreshments, great weather and good company.  It was good to see some new faces.  Bob McTavish was away but he lent us his cords and canopy – thanks Bob and thanks to Mel and Jo Ann for the help in setting it up.

2022 Picnic at Jewel Lake

           Jo Ann and I are heavily involved in the Grand Forks and District Fall Fair so I made many calls looking for help with our BHS table at the Fair. We are very thankful and grateful for the crew that said “yes”:  Karen Watts, Muriel LeSergent, Mel and Joan Carroll, Ken Fehr, Janice Strukoff, Les Johnson, Stan Rusch and Ted Harrison.  They had a great weekend – we took in $418.50.  I am pretty sure that they enjoyed talking history and meeting  new people as much as I do.  We had many membership renewals and signed up 12 new members. 

Grand Forks Fall Fair 2022

            Yesterday, I attended Harvest Fest at the Boundary Museum.  Jason McIver helped me set up Bob’s canopy and kept checking on me to see if I needed help.  Thanks, Jason!!  Renewed 4 memberships and signed up one new member.  We took in $190.50. 

            Next weekend – September 17th and 18th we are at the Rock Creek Fall Fair.  I’m going to drive out on Thursday to see where we are located – I’m guessing we’ll be in the educational section of the Exhibit building but I’ll find out for sure.  Mickey Keller-Nadon has offered to help and Mel and Joan have said they’ll give me a break when they are visiting.  Stop in and see us if you are attending the Fair.  I’ve never been there representing the BHS.  When I first came on as Secretary I tried to register but it was very expensive – $400.00 for the insurance.  This year they extended an invitation and the price was $85.00 so we jumped at the chance.  I am looking forward to it immensely.

            On a very happy note, I saw in the Gazette that Paul Lautard is turning 100!!  Paul and his wife, Gloria, are Life Members in the BHS.  Paul was instrumental in building picket fences for the graves at Phoenix Cemetery – a job that the Boundary Woodworkers have taken over.  Everyone is invited to attend his 100th Birthday Open House on Saturday, September 24th at Parkview Manor 670-9th Avenue in Midway from 1:30 – 3:30 pm.  I won’t be able to attend as I have a family event to attend but I’m hoping many will.  We can send our good wishes to Paul at:  I hope everyone will do this if you cannot attend in person or even if you can!!  You made it, Paul!! Congratulations!

Paul and Gloria Lautard, with Les Johnson

            Our next regular meeting is on Wednesday, September 21st 1:00 pm. Grand Forks City Park. This is our last meeting in City Park for this year – we’ll let you know where we’ll be in October.  Our AGM takes place in October, also.  I’ll keep you up to date.

Yours in history,

Doreen Sorensen