With the New Year we had to make some decisions on how the Old Newspapers were organized on our site.

We could have simply carried on the way we were going and adding them to the end of the existing page and list. But that would have made the drop-down list enormously longer in the long run.

We decided to move the existing ones, from 1910, into their own area with their own page. That way you can visit 1910 directly without having to plow back through 1911. Over time we will be back filling 1910 to January. NOTE: IF The Evening Sun published a newspaper on Dec 31 it’s not in the archives hence not our site.

The 1911 newspapers are the current ones on the Old Newspapers page and the 1910 papers have moved to their own page which you can find from a link of the Old Newspapers page OR as a sub menu off the Old Newspapers menu.

To those who might have tried reading them in the past two days while this section of the website was undergoing maintenance we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.