On September 11, 2018 a small group gathered together at the Phoenix Cemetery for the unveiling of a new Information Kiosk.

This kiosk was built and installed by the Grand Forks Woodworkers’ Guild. The Guild has been instrumental in helping restore the cemetery by building new pickets and helping with their installation. We can’t thank them enough.

The main faces of the kiosk are glass in front of stacked wooden panels on which are etched all the names of those interred in the cemetery. along the sides are information about Phoenix and the cemetery.

The pictures below were taken with a 360 degree camera (Samsung Gear 360 v1). That means you can change the direction in which you look by simply clicking and dragging the mouse withing the picture. Give it a  try. (you will find that a number of the pics start with the world tilted. This is easily corrected by changing your views angle. The whole cemetery is on a slope so guaranteeing proper vertical orientation becomes problematic)