The headline tells the result but not the story.

John Suszko had worked at the Granby smelter for the past year but in recent weeks his behaviour had deteriorated. He visited Manly’s Hardware and wanted to purchase a revolver and shells but didn’t have the money to pay for the mat the time. He was refused and as he left he took the gun and bullets anyway.

After a short scuffle the clerk returned to the store and Suszko loaded the gun in the street and started to walk. He let loose a shot at random which attracted a crowd that followed him in his progress. Someone sent for the police and Special Policeman Mike Quinlivan, who was off duty at the time, responded. He went to City Hall and armed himself before seeking the armed troublemaker.

Eventually the policeman caught up with Susko and asked him what he was doing. When Suszko pointed his gun at Quinlivan the policeman drew and fired hitting Suszko in the head.

You can read about this and more in the July 14, 1911 Evening Sun or the coverage in theJuly 15 Gazette on our Old Newspapers page.