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It was New a Century ago . . .

Fake News even in 1911

With the new presidential regime in the USA this year one of the topics that has taken a place on the political stage is ‘fake news’. As I prepared the newspapers of May 26, 1911 for republication on our website… Continue Reading →

Newspapers Caught Up

The threat of flooding in the past month has seen ‘Old Newspapers‘ section fall out of date. The person doing the old newspaper updating got very distracted and, for a short while, the newspapers themselves were not accessible due to… Continue Reading →

Go Carts

In perusing the April 1 Gazette from 1911 I came across this advertisement: Which causes me to wonder: Would anyone have any pictures of go-carts from around the Boundary in the 1911 period? If you do and would be willing… Continue Reading →

Anti Phone Snooping Tech – 1911 Style

Recently snooping on other people’s telephone and communications have been back in the news because the current president of the USA is publicly speculating whether his predecessor was ‘bugging’ his residence in New York.

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