They’re getting ready for the First Fall Fair back in 1910.

Well they don’t call it that, nope. They call it “The Grand Forks Agricultural Association Exhibition“. But since it’s the FIRST ‘Fall Fair’ type Fair in the Fall in Grand Forks I guess we can work with the name.holiday_proclomation_oct_5_1910

It’s happening on Oct 4th and 5th – A Tuesday and a Wednesday . . . these days, 2016, they are on the weekends. Wonder when they changed? (and when did they change the name as well?)
Jim Glanville contributed a piece on the Fall Fair in our 15th Report.

It’s a Real Big Deal for little Grand Forks. Only 13 years old and having it’s first Exhibition! The Mayor even proclaimed the 5th a Civic Holiday so everyone could go if they wanted to.

The Exhibition’s prize list can be found in the Sept 24 edition of the Gazette. It’s a special insert starting on page 3. (you can read this and other editions of the Gazette and Evening Sun on our Old Newspapers page)