One of the jobs of the Boundary Historical Society is to maintain the Phoenix Pioneer Cemetery.

To this end we’re:

  • putting together work parties to clear, refresh and maintain the site.
  • engaging local woodworkers, from the Woodworkers’ Guild in Grand Forks, to make new pickets and help us restore the existing ones
  • looking into replicating the carved wooden markers with newer ones that should better stand the test of time. These will stand along with the original markers.

Over time we’re hoping our efforts will restore the site to a semblance of its original state, a place we can be proud to point visitors to.

As our efforts take place and progress is made we’ll be posting updates. Look to the sub-menu off this page will be the place to find out what has been happening.

We have a publication about the Cemetery, who is buried there, where and how they died. Feel free to read it below.

Download (PDF, 1.65MB)