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Fall Fairs of the Past

The Fall Fair has been a regular celebration of rural, agricultural, life in many places over the years. Grand Forks is having another one in this year (2018) following a long list that began in 1910. Recently a patron dropped… Continue Reading →

How Did Grand Forks End Up With All That Black Slag Sand?

One of the unique visual features of Grand Forks is the huge black piles of sand just north of town along the bank of the Granby River (once known as the North Fork of the Kettle River). Ever gazed at… Continue Reading →

Period Maps Category Added

With the latest issues of the 1911 newspapers reporting on the fire in downtown Grand Forks a few things were apparent: Street names were referenced that no longer exist and some streets mentioned by name are not the same streets… Continue Reading →

Flood Pictures Contribution

Recently we received a letter and pictures of the 1948 flood in Grand Forks from a former member, Mr. Ron Hyde, who lives out at the coast. Read his letter to find out how historical items were saved from destruction…. Continue Reading →

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