News From The Past

Grand Forks was officially made a city in 1897.
It has had a newspaper (or two) the whole time of its existence.
For most of that time the Gazette has been the mainstay of news reporting in the community.

We are currently working on 2 newspapers: The Gazette and The Evening Sun
NOTE: with the change of the year we’ve split 1910 off into its own page.

Newspapers which appear here are from the collection at the Boundary Community and Museum Archives.


You are looking at newspapers from 106 years ago.
All you have to do is click on the thumbnail pictures below
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Gazette – Jan 7 – Dec 30, 1911

Dec 9
Dec 9
Dec 16
Dec 16
Dec 23
Dec 23
Dec 30
Dec 30

The Evening Sun – Jan 6 – Dec 29, 1911

Dec 8 thumb
Dec 8
Dec 15 thumb
Dec 15
Dec 22 thumb
Dec 22
Dec 29 thumb
Dec 29

Where Do These Events Take Place?

As you read the news of a century ago you might need some help placing the events because the street names back then aren’t the same as the ones we have today. To help you with that we have a 1901 Fire Assurance map of the city, and one of Columbia (now west Grand Forks), for your use.

Need some hints on how this works?