Our second Report. As you can see from the title we had the ambitious intention of producing them annually . . .

Here is what is inside:

1 Two Major Fires in Grand Forks Archer Davis Dinsmore,Savage,etc GRAND FORKS
6 The early days in Christian Valley Alice Christian Christian CHRISTIAN VALLEY
8 Mother Lode Mine and Deadwood Camp Mildred Roylance Eaton,McLaren,etc DEADWOOD
12 Announcement or BH Museum & Phoenix Pettijohn,Mader,etc BOUNDARY AREA
13 photo–Baker Creek enters into Rock Creek Bennett ROCK CREEK
3 photo–Mr. And Mrs. Jim Lindsay Lindsay ROCK CREEK
13 History of Westbridge Mae Lindsay MacKenzie,Lindsay,etc WESTBRIDGE
15 The Pettijohn Family in Grand Forks Pettijohn Family Pettijohn,etc GRAND FORKS
21 photo–Mr. And Mrs. E.Spraggett Spraggett GRAND FORKS
25 Ernest Spraggett Ernest Spraggett Spraggett GRAND FORKS
41 The First School in the Grand Forks Valley Robert Johnston Johnston, GRAND FORKS
45 The Grand Forks Curling Club E.S.Reynolds McInnes,Atwood,etc GRAND FORKS
46 The Boundary Historical Museum Reid,Euerby,etc GRAND FORKS
48 Mining on Rock Creek May Lindsay Copeland,Beam,etc ROCK CREEK
53 Walter Robert Dewdney Kathleen Dewdney Dewdney GRAND FORKS