Our 17th Report – published August 2018.

This is what is inside:

1 William Thomas Moore and Nellie May (Knight) Moore The Moore Family Grand Forks
14 Life – A Fleeting Moment Anne Plotnikoff
16 The Road To Starchuk’s Mill Bob Starchuk Smoky Lake / Grand Forks
34 The Ballad Of Dozer Paul Terry Hynes Gilpin
37 Memories From Nobby Hamagami Nobby Hamagami Alpine Inn / Christina Lake
39 History Of Alpine Inn Nobby Hamagami Alpine Inn
41 The Eeks Margaret Eek
41 The Kondos Yas Dolsen
42 The History of the Mazzocchi Family in Fife Josephine Fornelli and Nicola Rella Fife
51 The Murray family of Hardy Mountain Lane Murray Hardy Mountain
58 Dora & Peter Pereveresoff
59 Carl Stone Remembers Carl Stone
61 Nels Berquist – Our Wonderful Neighbour Laura Lodder North Fork
64 Daisy Maria Gronquist Christina Lake Senior Citizens Branch 60 via the Grand Forks Gazette Grand Forks
67 Bannock City
68 Axel Emmanuel Gronquist Christina Lake Senior Citizens Branch 60 via the Grand Forks Gazette Grand Forks
72 Katie Heaven From the Air Canada Heart of Gold dedicaton Grand Forks
76 The North Fork Rossi Family From the Grand Forks Gazette of July 20 1983 North Fork
79 Pete & Mabel Pereversoff January 5 2006 Grand Forks Gazette Grand Forks
80 Grand Forks Old Timers at Gyro’s Grand Forks Gazette
82 Clement Vacher – Missionary – Prospector – Inventor R.M. Simbrec (Victor Casorso) Boundary / Phoenix
87 My Life in the Boundary Gladys Floyd Boundary
92 The Miraculous Tale of Jimmy Robertson as reported by the Gazette Farron
95 Zoellner Dorothy Zoellner Grand Forks
96 Mansons in Grand Forks George A. St. Clair Manson Grand Forks
99 Ruckle Family of Grand Forks Reprinted from the Grand Forks Gazette Oct. 10 1976 Grand Forks
100 Haminishi Family of Greenwood Reprinted from the Grand Forks Gazette March 7 2001 Greenwood
103 Bob Simpson Reprinted from the Grand Forks Gazette April 24 1958 Grand Forks
105 Simcocks
106 Joe Zak Betty Makortoff (reprinted from the Grand Forks Gazette 1990 May 22) Grand Forks
108 My Life at Silver Birch Resort Ollie Walker Silver Birch / Christina Lake
112 Madeleine MacDougall From the March 14 2001 Grand Forks Gazette. Grand Forks
113 Best of friends for over 72 years Georgette Lapenski Grand Forks
115 Polonicoff’s Store – A Personalized Reflection of the Past Elizabeth Faminoff (nee Polonicoff). Grand Forks
119 The Edgar Bailey Family Reprinted from the Boundary Bulletin July 27 1998 Grand Forks
120 History of the Tastie Treat Grand Forks
123 Boundary Electric Grand Forks
126 Uncle Mickey the Barber Douglas Lobay Grand Forks
133 Remembering Barbara Ann From the Boundary Creek Times Grand Forks
135 4H Art Hartman