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It was New a Century ago . . .

Change in Newspaper Reproduction

With the change in the month also comes a change in the Old News aspect of our website. Previously the reproductions of the newspapers attempted to reproduce the Black & White aspect of the original printed pages. As close as… Continue Reading →

Fire Sweeps Through Businesses In Downtown Grand Forks In 1911

The threat of wildfire this summer (2017) is so extreme that for most of July the whole province has been under a state Of Emergency. Tens of thousands of people, multiple communities, have experienced evacuations. Hundreds of wildfires have happened…. Continue Reading →

Fatal Gunfight in 1911

The headline tells the result but not the story. John Suszko had worked at the Granby smelter for the past year but in recent weeks his behaviour had deteriorated. He visited Manly’s Hardware and wanted to purchase a revolver and… Continue Reading →

Fake News even in 1911

With the new presidential regime in the USA this year one of the topics that has taken a place on the political stage is ‘fake news’. As I prepared the newspapers of May 26, 1911 for republication on our website… Continue Reading →

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