Since it’s establishment the society has recounted the history of the Boundary in a series of books we call the Reports. These have been written accounts of events and life in the history of the Boundary area. Some by the people who lived that history and others by their descendants and interested parties.

Over the years we’ve created 17 of these Reports. Some are into their third printing. you can find our more information about what is in the reports by selecting one from the Drop-down menu off of the ‘Reports’ item on the main menu above OR in the spreadsheet below the cover pictures.


What is in these reports? Below is a spreadsheet with the contents from every Report sorted by Report #.

Download (XLS, 114KB)

Report Sale Prices
no price
1 $13.50
2 $17.25
3 $17.25
4 $17.25
5 $18.00
6 $17.25
7 $13.50
8 $18.75
9 $22.50
10 $12.75
11 $18.75
12 $22.50
13 $22.50
14 $22.50
15 $22.50
16 $18.75
17 $18.75
Phoenix and its Cemetery $8.00
Border Gold $7.95
Set of (1-16) $260.00

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