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Boundary Historical Society 2019 AGM will be held Sunday, October 20, 2019 at the Grand Forks Public Library Meeting Room (starts at 1 pm). Please use side entrance.


100 years ago the world was in the depths of a War, the so-called Great War, begun in Europe. 98 years ago that war came to an end and we vowed to Remember the sacrifice given by those who served… Continue Reading →

Old News is New Again

First major component added to our new site is the section on Old Newspapers. From that page you can read pages from newspapers originally published 106 years ago. Why newspapers from 106 years ago? Well the days of the week… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to Boundary History dot com. The Boundary Historical Society’s new home in cyberspace! We hope this new channel of communication will allow us to better fulfill our mandate of bringing the history of the Boundary to the public. It’s… Continue Reading →

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