The 2016 Annual General Meeting happened on Oct 16 at Fructova, the location of Boundary Museum.

A dozen and a half people attended and enjoyed the presentation.

The President, Les Johnson, gave a short talk on what has transpired in the past year and where the organization is with its plans and introduced the audience to the New Website, our first.

The Board hasn’t seen much of a change – two members did not continue on into the new year and one has changed position.
We’d like  to thank John Billwiller for all the years of valuable service he has given to the organization in various roles and many ways. And Janet Matsalla for the her time and efforts as vice president.
Cher Wyers has become the Vice President, Doreen Sorensen is the Secretary, Jo Anne Seargeant the Treasurer and Les Johnson the President for another year. The board also includes Irene Perepolkin and Pat Zorn who also served last year. Area Representatives are Randi DeLisle, Mickey Keller-Nadon, and Laura Lodder. If you want to sit in and maybe volunteer we invite you to our first Board meeting at 2PM Oct 18 at Fructova.

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