February 7, 2017


Happy New Year to all our Members and Friends;

I hope 2017 has been a good year for you so far! I didn’t get a newsletter written in January.  We take a break from meetings in December but the work is ongoing.

The biggest and greatest news is that we did receive a cheque for $2000.00 from Vicki Gee, Electoral Representative, from her Cemetery Fund and the citizens of Greenwood. This brought the Phoenix Cemetery donation up to $4000.00. I’ve included a picture of President Les Johnson and Treasurer Jo Ann Sergeant accepting a cheque from Electoral Reps Vicki Gee (Area E) and Roly Russell (Area D).

Currently, the Boundary Woodworkers’ Guild is working on new pickets for us and frames.  Les has been instrumental in engaging their help.  We have written to Grand Forks Secondary School to see if they will make clearing the brush in the lower cemetery one of their “projects”.  The brush will need to be cut back by hand and we will have to figure out some way to carry it away.  Apart from the brush there is a large pile of wood debris outside the cemetery that has been there for quite a long while.  It looks like someone in the past tried to burn it.  We added to it when we were working there.  In the spring, we’ll have to try to get it transported to one of the dumps.  When spring arrives and the snow is gone from the Cemetery we will be asking for help from our neighbours in the Greenwood, area, also.

I reported at our January meeting that we currently have a total of 63 members – 58 regular and 5 life. A total of $273.25 was raised at the two Christmas Craft Fairs we attended – this includes publication and membership sales.

We mailed one set of our Reports to UBC Okanagan University to have for their rare book collection. Currently, Les is in talks with them regarding scanning our Reports for digitization.  We are hoping that they will accept Les’ scans so that we do not have to send a copy to them to be slit and scanned.  This way, we will have our own scan to use for reprinting books and they will be able to use the scans to upload.  Fortunately, we have original copies of all the Reports as the reprints – especially of 1 – 6 are not perfect.  The text is great but the pictures are not.  Will keep you up to date on how this proceeds.  UBC would also like a set of our Reports that they could use for circulation.

Les and Laura are still working on Report 17. We were hoping to have it ready for presentation at our Anniversary Lunch but it all takes time and research.  The work is ongoing and we definitely expect to publish this year.  There are so many ideas for research and time is of an essence because we must contact the people involved before the details are forgotten!!

We are busy planning our 66th Anniversary Luncheon – YES, 66 years!  I am sending you the invitation along with this newsletter.  I know that many of you can’t attend – the distance is just too great.  If any of our members in this area need a ride, please call me at 250-442-2274 and I will see what I can arrange.  The entire Board is busy with the arrangements and we are looking forward to a great time.

Les continues to “teach” some of us WordPress at workshops on Fridays at the Boundary Museum meeting room. Each week we put a “teaser” on our website and some weeks an article.  I’ve heard from people who are reading it – unfortunately, they don’t leave a comment.  We are linked with a number of different sites.

I’m pretty sure that even if the groundhog didn’t see his shadow on February 2nd (he did here because it was a bright and beautifully sunny day) we are in for more winter.  I know those of you at the Coast have been hit hard.  I hope everyone is coping with the snow and just plain enjoying and glorying in winter.

Historically yours,

Boundary Historical Society