February 8, 2022

Hello Members and Friends,

I realized when I began this newsletter that we haven’t wished you a Happy New Year – we are hoping that 2022 will be the year when we see less of Covid 19, less restrictions and hopefully a return to our lives before this pandemic hit – at least a little – so best wishes for a Happy 2022.

I don’t know about where you live but I’m pretty sure the groundhog saw his shadow in Grand Forks. Spring is on its way though and the last two days in Grand Forks we’ve had sunshine!! The ice has been breaking up on the Granby and I walked up the Kettle River yesterday and it is breaking up, too. Lots of eagles for the last month or so – a true harbinger of Spring.

Although we couldn’t attend craft fairs over Christmas our sales were surprisingly good. I reported at our last meeting that we had sold 21 copies of Report #18, 4 of Alpine Inn and a set of Reports!! That is always a big moment for me – selling a set. Sales are continuing to look good this month. Setting up e-transfer has made sales and membership renewals so much easier for us. I sent out 22 membership renewal emails and we’ve had a 75% return!! Thanks to all of you who renewed your membership – I’ll wait until March to do another reminder. Presently, we have 106 members including 4 Life memberships. I renewed our membership with the BC Historical Federation on January 1st.

We held our January meeting at the Woodworkers Guild building. It was cozy and warm and free. Bob McTavish gifted us with a handsome commode that his wife’s grandparents brought over from Scotland. We all agreed that it would be perfect for the cabin. We’ll take it up in the spring and I think I know the perfect spot for it. I noticed when I was picking up some more Reports this week that there is a new (to me) sign in the Guild’s window stating no admittance unless you are fully vaccinated. Many of us are at a vulnerable age so that was reassuring. In three months we will be back in City Park for our meetings – being outdoors always feels safe.

We received an invitation to attend Greenwood’s Founders Days on July 16th and 17th. We sent in our vendor fees and Les Johnson has said he would help with the canopy – we have to set up on the 15th. Bob McTavish has been asked to do a blacksmithing demonstration. We also plan to be in the parade. We are looking for a flat bed truck or maybe an antique car or truck to be our entry. Irene has said she’ll participate in the parade and Marnie has some ideas for decoration. If you have any ideas about a vehicle we could use, please email us or phone 250-442-2274. It will be so good to be able to be out and “talking history” again.

Our past president, Les Johnson, is working on a project involving North Ruckle – he has taken many pictures and videos of the area before the houses are demolished or moved. I believe he is going to post on our website and I hope he is planning on an article for our next Report. Speaking of our website – thanks go out to Lane Murray for suggesting some updates.

We had a request from T.W. Paterson, a BC historian, asking for our permission to use Bea Zucco’s article (Report #13) for his show. We did a quick phone and email vote and gave him our approval. He will credit the BHS. Here is his site www.CowichanChronicles.com.

Our president, Joan Heart, is near to being finished with the Sinixt Doukhobor Reconciliation project and she is busy trying to find funding grants for ground penetrating radar at the Upper Phoenix Cemetery. It would be good to know if there are more graves there than are marked. The Woodworkers have built three more picket fences for us for the Cemetery and in May they’ll put them in place.

The Woodworkers now have a website and it looks great – give it a look at bwwg.org. Jo Ann and I are hoping to get some more pickets painted this summer – let me know if you are interested in helping.

I do want to encourage you to think about an article for Report #19. I’ve put out a few feelers for stories and we are hoping to get lots of submissions.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, February 16th – 1:00 P.M. Woodworker’s Guild. Members are always welcome and Bob has coffee on!!

Historically yours,

Doreen Sorensen