December 10, 2023

Hello Members and Friends,

Such a different fall season for us weatherwise. It’s been great for travelling but I am hoping we do end up with a white Christmas and lots of snow for the ski hills.

We skip two meetings a year, in December and July, but our efforts on behalf of the Boundary Historical Society continue no matter what the calendar says.

Four Christmas Craft Fairs have been on our itinerary this fall. We began the “fair” season with the GFSS Grad Christmas Craft Fair on November 25th. Last year, this Fair was a bit of a disappointment for us but not this year!! We sold a set of books – my seventh – and a couple of the sets of Reports 1 – 6. Total for the day was around $500.00 – that’s a record. On December 2nd, Ted and Susan Harrison attended the Christina Lake Christmas Craft Fair and I headed to Rock Creek with Jason McIver. Jason was helping at the craft fair, and he gave me a couple of breaks to take in the vendors. Rock Creek brought in $175.00 and Christina Lake $38.00. Thanks again Susan and Ted!

Yesterday, I travelled out to Greenwood for their Christmas Craft Fair – it was busy, with lots of talking about history but a strange fair for me as I didn’t register a single membership sale or renewal. Took in $100.25 in Report sales.

It has been a good year for sales for us – I estimated we took in $1500.00 this summer from sales and add in the craft fairs, sales from email and telephone requests and I think we have had a great year.

Our membership remains quite good – 121 members and 3 Life Members for a total of 124. I do renewal notices every few months and usually catch up with members at the fairs – that’s why Greenwood seemed like an anomaly!

We had an email from Chris Trudeau saying that he is trying to track down the last contact that the court ordered him to locate and hopefully, we’ll see Gladys Floyd’s wishes complete in 2024.

The Boundary Woodworker’s Guild are working on the cement crosses for the Upper Cemetery. Spring will see some of our work come to fruition in the Upper Cemetery.

Hope you are all looking forward to a happy holiday season and we are wishing all of you good health, great adventures, and much happiness in 2024. Thanks to all our members for your ongoing support of the Boundary Historical Society.

In history,

Doreen Sorensen