October 3, 2021

Hello Members and Friends,

A new computer for me and I don’t think my missives will look the same as they used to!! If I pull all
my hair out, I won’t either.

It feels like and looks like an early fall season but so glorious. Activities have slowed – this summer was
a busy one for us. We are looking forward to our Annual General Meeting in a couple of weeks – on
Sunday, October 17th. We are holding our AGM at the Royal Canadian Legion in Grand Forks as we did
last year. We’ll renew memberships and socialize from 1 – 1:30 pm and begin our meeting at 1.30. All
our officers are willing to let their names stand for re-election. Masks will be mandatory. I’ll get the
ads into the Grand Forks Gazette and the Boundary Creek Times.

I received a phone call from Hall Printing in Trail – our 100 -copies of the History of the Alpine Inn
authored by Jamie Forbes are ready for pick up. Jo Ann Sergeant and I will be travelling over later this
coming week to pick them up. I continue to receive orders for our Reports. Lorraine at Select Office
emails me almost weekly for a few more copies – thanks, Lorraine!!

If you’ve travelled up to Phoenix Cemetery recently, you’ll have noticed that the memorial bench for
Rose Gobeil is in place and looks great. Here are a couple of pictures. BHS members and friends of
Rose – Sandra Passmore and her mother, Muriel LeSergent, try out the bench constructed by the
Boundary Woodworkers’ Guild and commissioned by Rose’s daughter, Simone.

I noticed the last time I was at the cemetery that someone has placed some angel wings by Hazel
Clayton’s new memorial plaque and that visitors to the site continue to abound. I never see much
traffic but our sign in sheets show a steady number of visitors to this little cemetery from all over BC
and Alberta. We are hoping to receive some funds from Vicki Gee from the RDKB cemetery account. I
included a scanned copy of one of the sign-in sheets in an email to Vicki. Hopefully, she will be able to
include us in her budget this year – we are hoping for $2000.00.

Bob McTavish did some repairs so we could close the window in the Jewel Lake cabin that we had
opened to get a power cord in for the coffee at our Picnic. It will need a new glass next spring. Bob and
I were surprised how much he had to plane from the frame – don’t know how we ever opened it. I’ll be
going up probably one more time this month for sure. I want to make sure all is tidy. Next year, we’ll
be thinking about fencing the other side of the property – hoping our trusty crew will be willing to help
again next year.

I haven’t heard from Shilo or Janis at Son Ranch. I did visit them with Bob McTavish and asked about
the further 6 steps we need for Phoenix Cemetery – they’ve got them on their to-do list. I think it will
probably be next year before we are able to complete the staircase. I haven’t managed to arrange a
clean up crew either. That may happen yet but one thing we do know is that it will be waiting for us
next spring if we don’t get to it this fall.

Hope to see you at our AGM. Keep the date in mind – Sunday, October 17,2021.

Historically yours,

Doreen Sorensen